CNL Exam advice

  1. Anyone have advice on taking the CNL exam? I have looked through all the AACN material that is is just so much information. Is there anyone out there that can narrow the field down a bit? Thank you!
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  3. by   roser13
    CNL= ?
  4. by   AgentBeast
    Quote from roser13
    CNL= ?
    Clinical Nurse Leader?
  5. by   roser13
    Critical Nurse Liaison?
  6. by   kathrynrose
    I am looking for advice on the Clinical Nurse Leader exam. Thank you
  7. by   ukstudent
    I didn't know that a CNL exam existed. I thought that most universities offered the CNL as a masters for non nurses to get into nursing. Those students take the NCLEX just like ASN and BSN students. When I looked up the AACN web site I could not find anything about a CNL test. The AACN offerers certification in CNS (clinical nurse specialist). Is this what you are doing?
  8. by   kathrynrose
    To use the credentials "CNL" you must pass the exam offered at the end of the degree program. The AACN has information on the exam

    I am looking for additional advice...anyone out there???
  9. by   belliot2
    I will be sitting for the CNL exam myself in August. Two of my cohort have taken it, and passed, thinking it was not as hard as the NCLEX. I purchased the sample exam on the AACN- it is $50.00 and I have mixed feelings about if it was worth it- It is 40 questions of multiple choice, and one scenario- where you are selecting what you would do next- this is essentially 'select all that apply'. I 'passed' this sample exam- but felt it was so short, I'm not sure it is enough.

    One instructor suggested you pick 3 different scenarios ie: CHF, head injury or trauma, DKA- for example... and talk through them or make your own sheet- using your notes from your med/surg classes to review- what you might do next, what are the aspects of each of these cases...

    In addition, the exam covers things like risk- analysis, change theory, dealing with conflict, how you might perform as a charge nurse... we had a class that dealt with these aspects our last semester, so I will be studying these notes...

    Hope this helps...
  10. by   lliu0082000
    Did you pass?
    What should I study? I just finished my CNL and plan to goitn to take the exam soon. There are any think I need to focus on.

  11. by   belliot2
    Take it THIS week, so we shall see- I don't know yet, but was encouraged by the few that took it ( and the professor who did take it) that it should be 'common sense' in the scenario part-and is no nearly as hard as the NCLEX.
    I am just reviewing the NCLEX kaplan notes, and the leading/managing book I had- things like risk analysis, and how you would go about analysis of a problem, and getting people to buy into the need for change...

    at least we will know right away!

  12. by   conure girl
    I was hoping from some feedback from those of you that took the cnl exam. Can you tell me if you passed or failed and how much review you did (maybe compare to amt for nclex review)? Any advise on areas to concentrate on would also be helpful. I took the practice test & from that I know I need to study first in order to pass.