CNA test on Wednesday!

  1. Myself and 3 others at the nursing home I work at will take our CNA test on Wednesday!

    I started here on 1/21 and had 4 weeks of training and have been working the 3-11 shift in one of the wards since.

    I hope I will have good news to report. I would like to be an RN and had enrolled in some pre-req classes this semester but between the job (really still tires me out), tending to my disabled elderly dad (even though he's in a personal care home, I still have alot of running around to do with and for him), and taking care of my personal business, I got further and further behind in studies and dropped the classes.

    I decided to get into CNA field as a stepping stone to nursing. But I'm feeling really discouraged about school. I'm afraid I won't have the stamina. I'm 51 now. I do like the work (sometimes!) but I'm thinking of moving to another shift and ward to work with women more my age.

    This one gal that works with me trained me when I first got on the floor and it seems like she singles me out to be bossy to me. She does have lots of experience but I'm getting the impression that she has decided now that she is to order me around in front of others. I'm not the type that speaks up for myself and she takes me by surprise when she starts bossing me around. So I find myself very tense when she and I work the same shift and more relaxed when she's not there.

    For example, tonight we were passing out dinner trays and I was constantly pulled away by call bell ringing, so in a round about way I found out that Bossy and the other aids seemed to think I was not chipping in on the dinner shift. Anyways one of my residents was moaning about being so itchy and she has salve that needs to be put on periodically for the itch. I went out to the cart to get gloves and Bossy said "You need to be picking up the trays instead of that."

    Another time tonight I was feeding a very sick woman some jello salad and she was leaning a little ways over but eating it enthusiastically. A few members of the family were there and Bossy comes in and says, "Oh you need to get her straighened out to feed her. This won't do. Come on we'll lift her up." Friday night she pulled a similar action with me in front of the family.

    Also on Friday we had a floater on the floor and she was helping me get some of one of my residents in bed. Bossy comes in and drags her off because she needs her to help her right then and there get her people in. Later I needed some more help with a heavy patient and went to find the floater and Bossy said "Do you understand that she is a floater? (I don't know why she said that.)" I said yes, but I just needed her to help me with one little thing and then Bossy could have her back. I got the feeling that Bossy didn't want me to have any help.

    I could very well be overly sensitive. These are only a couple of many other examples.

    I have been under alot of stress lately because my father has been in for surgery and a bunch of tests and my days off have been spent taking care of that for him. Today was hard on me. I had to get up at 4:30 am to take him to the hospital for surgery, then had to leave for work starting at 1:00 pm because till 3 we are practicing skills for the test, then work the 3-11:30 shift. I was very on edge and the residents were ringing their call bells constantly.

    Around 7:30, the home's CNA trainer called me upstairs to practice blood pressure with another gal and we all got to talking and I was crying and mentioned what the bossy aid was like lately and how she had bossed me around that day. She spoke with the bossy aid about it and the bossy aid made excuses all over the place and now I feel like hiding when she's around. I know she's ticked off and I'm probably the topic of the break room conversation. I feel like such a fool and off to a bad start.

    I didn't intend for this to go on so long. But I had to get this off my chest. I think it's best for me to move to a different shift and ward. I don't foresee things getting better with her and the young clique she's part of.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I should be excited about the testing. I wish I could just let go of these people but they gossip and talk about other people over the tiniest little thing. It's hard to ignore and get away from even though I have received very good compliments on my work from the people that count.
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  3. by   P_RN
    Take a deep breath. You have already figured out Ms Bossy. Small minded people NEED to make themselves look better by bullying others.

    Now just concentrate on doing things the way they should be done. Take that test and ACE that test.

    I know your Dad will be proud of you. All those years ago when I got my diploma from USC and my Daddy said....this is my daughter SHE is an RN....that's my very best memory.

    YOU will be the nurse someday, and then YOU will have the chance *NOT* to be Ms Bossy to someone you help learn.
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    Just take your time as you build up immunity to these clashes. There is no vaccine against these personality clashes, and some can make you sick. I remember when I wanted to be an RN last year. I went gangbusters on the science courses and all the prereqs. Then I got serious and went for the lisence, trained, tested and got the CNA. Then I applied at a hospital and got a CNA job and my forst day is tomorrow. Don't let litttle stuff get you down too long, because your dreams are worth more attention.
  5. by   Jacaut

    Being a CNA is hard work. You will continue to learn as you go on. You'll get better about judgment calls and yet will continue to make mistakes the rest of your life. That goes for Bossy too- in fact, more!!!! A person who has been an LPN for 25 years told me that she didn't really become comfortable as a nurse for the first 15 years- and some things are still hard for her because of new treatments and machines. She is an awesome nurse!

    I had a fifty + year old in my nursing class. Almost everyone was nontraditional. Hope that helps you to know you are not alone! You have your hands full and are at a disadvantage with madam, but hang in there and do your best on the test! I think you have the right idea about going to another ward. I had a terrible time with my first job and spent more than my fair share on the floor crying after work- it isn't uncommon. Just go on with your life and get as much positive support as you can, dear!

    I believe in you. You obviously have a lot of strength!

  6. by   GPatty
    My heart goes out to you. I have to work with a couple of bossies too. Just do your work and don't let her intimidate you. You are there for your patients, not to feed her ego.
    You go for your dreams and please don't let age discourage you. I am currently in LPN school, and we have a couple of ladies who are in their 50's. As a matter of fact, I think the oldest there is 58 and an absolutely lovely lady! Hold tight to your dreams and never let go. You are worth it and if you are enjoying your work, you stay right where you are and do your very best for those patients!
    God Bless you,
  7. by   Cascadians
    Always get help when lifting pts! Your back is your career, your life. Protect it! Work with Lifts and Sit-To-Stands. Use your behind and leg muscles When a pt first comes back from the hospital, or home, always have help. Their condition most likely will be different than when you last helped them.

    Never be intimidated by workers who Atlas. Injuries often take years to manifest. Accumulative weakening. Protect yourself! You must take care of yourself in order to take care of your pts.

    All the catfighting that goes on in health care facilities: ignore it. Focus on the patients. You will learn to develop routines. It takes a while. It is very hard work. Shortages exist for good reasons!

    In July we'll mark our 30th anni for caregiving (both started in July 1973 Arizona). We always work together as a team. Always. Hired as a team, "count" as one person so nobody can ever separate us. We feel this is the only safe way to approach caregiving, and are willing to take the financial blow of working 2 for the price of 1 to ensure our and our pts' safety.

    After enough years, one develops methods to survive the hectic crazy intense caregiving world ...
  8. by   Agnus
    You did the right thing in talking to your instructor. I ahve been a CNA and am a new RN. I am 51.

    Keep in mind miss bossy (no caps on purpose) is bossy because she feels small and unimportant. You are new and she "trained" you. This gives her some bragging rights and a sense of being superior over you. This is ALL she has. You have years of maturity on her. You are going to be an RN. Learn to play on her need to be important. Downplay around her and her click the fact that you are going to school to get your RN.

    If you take a bucket of crabs and one tries to climb out the other crabs will pull him back down. This is why you need to keep your ambitions to yourself, around her.

    I am very sorry you are going through this and at such a difficult time in you life. But athe fact is you are working with someone who has no real ambition and who view herself never being more thatn what she is right now. Often people who take these kinds of entry level low pay, labor intensive jobs have poor self images. The person who has REAL power does not do this.

    Allow her her party. It is no reflection on you. As you said the people who count know your worth. They also recognize what you reported is childishness.

    You can complet RN school (remember I am 51 and a new grad)
    I am so happy that you have desided to join us in our profession and on this board.
    Remember now that you have your CNA there are other places you can work. You will still be in this field long after miss boss has gone on to moping floor.
    (this is not intended to be a slam at minimum wage workers or CNAs. There are people is all levels that think this way about themselves and others. There are also very wise people who work as CNAs house keepers, burger filppers what ever who are mature minded and have a healthy self image) I have done my share of these jobs and respect the poeple who do them.
  9. by   janmae1950
    Thanks to all of you for your support. I will continue to try to hold my head high, but I'm sure Miss Bossy will gossip and ****** about things to others. But your words of encouragement have certainly helped.

    Well, I took the test today. I did very well on written test, but I'm afraid that I didn't pass the skills part. I was very nervous and the week has taken its toll. Seems like this whole week I've spent at work. I screwed up taking pulse. My partner has a pulse that is weak and also eratic. I was having trouble finding her pulse. I started out once and lost it and asked to try once more (you get one repeat per skill). I couldn't calm down and was missing beats and knew I had blew it. ONly after I got the results did the tester tell me I could have asked for a different volunteer. Wish I had known that before hand.

    Well, it's not the end of the world and probably in May I will get a chance to take the skills over again.

    And my father is recovering very well from his surgery (he had one surgery on Monday on the artery in his thigh and again today for a bypass in the lower leg). So there is good news to report! I literally have not had a chance to get to the hospital since Monday and can't wait to go see him tomorrow before work. Wild horses won't keep me away.
    originally posted by agnus
    you did the right thing in talking to your instructor.... keep in mind miss bossy (no caps on purpose) is bossy because she feels small and unimportant. you are new and she "trained" you. this gives her some bragging rights and a sense of being superior over you. this is all she has. you have years of maturity on her. you are going to be an rn. learn to play on her need to be important. downplay around her and her click the fact that you are going to school to get your rn...if you take a bucket of crabs and one tries to climb out the other crabs will pull him back down. this is why you need to keep your ambitions to yourself, around her...
    i have to totally agree with agnus on this...miss bossy has to make a claim on you as your no attention to her because you know just how hard you've worked to get where you're at now, only you know where you want to be, & how much you'll have to invest to get there...this person just want to cut you down or discourage you from continuing your ambitions in becoming a nurse ....she's just jealous of how quick you've caught-on to your've probably caught-on a lot faster than she

    btw, you did the right thing by answering the call bell for that patient or resident who was itching. this person was obviously uncomfortable & you recognized that & took the steps to relieve them...& without being told to do so either. so many people want to control what someone else is were doing your job by tending to this poor resident who needed that salve in order to relieve that itch...shame on miss bossy for not considering the resident's needs over her own wants, desires, or needs!!

    good luck with your cna test & keep-up the good'll achieve your goals in no time...i'm sure of that.:kiss
  11. by   Agnus
    performance exams are nerve wracking. Now you have experienced it once and Know what to expect and know what you can ask for. You'll do better next time.