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I am curious as to what my next step should be. Im very close to reciving my GED thus opening up alot of options for myself as far as my career is concerned. Currently I am working inside an... Read More

  1. by   healingtouchRN
    either the military route (which will give you so many benfits) or if you can get a hospital to sponsor you a community college ASN will give you a quicker degree. You are so young!!! You have time! Best Bet, get the BSN. My church member did the military thing, he's 22 now, & is serving in Kuwait as an ICU nurse paid for my Uncle Sam's Army. He loves it working with traumas & orthopedics. Let us know what you decide!
  2. by   marshalbc77
    my male RN co-worker this is how he did it.
    he went into the navy (this part i don't understand but u military people probably would know why) okay he enlisted navy, he was a corpsman. in gulf war 1 he was with the marines he stayed with the marines but he wasn't a marine. he was called the "doc" they called him "doc" for army i guess it's called "medic". he then got out he had options to challenge the boards to become an LVN/LPN because of his experience as a corpsman. the road he choose was he went to a community college started from scratch he states he knows "the skills" he knows what to do but he doesn't know the "book" part of it. (pathophysiology,diseases etc.) concurrent with trying to get that RN degree he worked as a CNA for years until he got his license. that's one road.
  3. by   healingtouchRN
    navy corpmen are assigned to the marines because the marine do not have this area in there division. My ex- brother in law does this same thing. He's a navy corpman working as a OR Scrub Tech but with the marines in the middle east. He really loves his job, been in the Navy 17 years.
  4. by   shrek
    If you are considering the milatary definitely ARMY is the way to go.If you want to stay with nursing pick a nursing related MOS in addition to attending school while you are in...they will pay for it. If you work it out right you can get your degree and become an officer in the nursing corps. I recommend that you contact a recriuter if you are interested. Good Luck
  5. by   RN auditor
    I went straight into the Navy after high school and was a corpsman. I learned an incredible amount of nurising while I was in and it provided me opportunity to travel, earn good money and mature. I would highly recommend it. There are several specialties as a corpsman that you can learn (x-ray tech, surg tech, lab tech) that will qualify you for certifications on the outside. Also, in many states, being a corpsman or a medic will qualify you to become a certified CNA. Definitely a good start to a good future.
  6. by   sjoe
    Talk with your Air Force and Navy recruiters about their options. For someone starting out, like yourself, this (particularly the Air Force) could be a very good move--probably the best available.

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