CNA graduation/gifts

  1. Hello All, I have been elected President of my certified nursing assistant class and I wanted to give everyone in the class a small trinket. There are eleven of us. Any ideas? I thought about having a CNA poem printed up and cut into bookmarks. Where can I find poems about CNA's?

    I also have to give a speech at graduation - I could use and will appreciate any ideas on what to say!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   alwaysthere
    Would you like me to write one?

    Also i was also prez of my class when i did it and gave out little bottles of hand lotion and purell everyone loved it.
  4. by   GraceyB
    That is a good idea but I do not think that the men in the class would like to receive hand lotion as a gift. LOL
  5. by   RainbowzLPN
    I received a poem about nursing assistants & really loved it...

    The Certified Nurse Assistant...Our Prayer

    As I enter into my place of calling
    I ask for strength as I help those in needing
    Hide my tears for the sick and aging
    And let my smile be the hope they're seeking
    Guide my hands as they do for them
    The thing they cannot do, and we take for granted.
    Allow my eyes to see those things
    That make my stay with them a blessing.
    Provide the words I need to speak
    To let them know I love them so.
    As I do my work throughout the day
    It is for my residents that I stay,
    and for my residents that I pray.

    Created by S. Allen
  6. by   GraceyB
    That prayer is just so touching. I'll use it. Thank you so much.
  7. by   RainbowzLPN
    You're very welcome, it kind of reminds me why I'm in this career
  8. by   rebel_red
    Our instructor was such a great teacher. She gave us all pens that looked like syringes right down to the red liquid "blood".I believe she purchased the pens at the uniform store and they were approximately $2 each. We all loved em and don't use them at work! LOL as pens have a tendency to "walk".....

    Enjoy and congratulations!