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Hello everyone, This thread is inspired by the one "JCAHO and Clogs". This is something I've noticed alot lately-people in the medical field wearing crocs. I understand that they are wonderfully... Read More

  1. by   brathrn
    Ha Ha! That's funny! Thanks for letting everyone know about Crocs. I am interested in getting a pair. Right now I have a Crocs offbrand from a nursing magazine. They are comfortable too!
  2. by   cardiacRN2006
    Quote from WitchyRN
    Also, I have various Jibbitz that fill in most of the holes, anyway.

    Me too! I love my Jibbitz!!
  3. by   leslie :-D
    i never tried crocs.
    i have approx 10 prs of sneakers/nsg shoes, that are all relatively new.
    but i always end up wearing my 15 yr old, bass, black clogs.
    they started out as a black suede, but are now somewhat shiny.
    i pack them in my bag ea day.
    the soles are still in perfect condition.
    ugly, schleppy, old clogs.
    can't cut the apron strings.