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Hey everyone. I'm sure u get posts like this all the time, but I'm a junior in my bsn program and I'm about to start clinicals this month for the first time. I'm a little nervous and apprehensive. ... Read More

  1. by   deeDawntee
    I have seen something suggested on other posts on Allnurses and that is to keep for yourself a Clinical Journal, people have reported how valuable it has been when they have reached the point when they feel like they "don't know anything, or don't know enough" and can look at their journal and see just how much they have learned and do know.

    I didn't do it, but thought it was an excellent idea. You could even keep it with you and use it as a place to write questions, or ideas as you go on...or things you want to look up...etc....

    You are heading for exciting times!! Have fun and keep yourself as calm as possible!
  2. by   mcknis
    Thats a good idea too. haven't thought of that yet, but that would also be a good thing to show the other students when they feel like they should drop out!
  3. by   griffly
    thanks so much for these tips...they are great!