Christmas Ideas

  1. I am currently in nursing school and people have been asking me what to get me for Christmas. I already have everything I think I need, but is there anything out there that you guys could suggest that you have or would like that would make your schooling better? Maybe you are already a floor nurse, and is there anything that you have that made schooling easier, or anything that could make your job a little bit easier?

    Just looking for advice.

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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    I would suggest getting a jump start on your scrub wardrobe, but you'll need to know which hospital you are employed with first to meet their requirements. VISA Gift Cards are great so you won't have this expense when you graduate.

    I-Pod's...not sure if you have one yet..always a great choice.'ll need it.

    How about a gift certificate to a frame shop for your shiny new diploma? Plan on spending $100+ to get your diploma framed with quality work and matting.

    A nice bag to carry things to work...maybe monogrammed.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    I love BSNTOBE's suggestions! Also...when I was in school those books cost me a fortune! A gift cert to Barnes and Noble would be awesome!
  5. by   fleur-de-lis
    You could ask for NCLEX books, be sure to specify which type (RN or LPN) and if you have one already let them know which one. You could ask for the new '07 drug books, or an IV drug book, or an herbal med drug book (yes, I am obsessed with drug books!) Or one of the big nice medical dictionaries, or anatomy books. Like I said, I am a book nerd!