Chattanooga, Tn And Northwest Georgia

  1. Where are some good places to work in Chattanooga, TN and the Northwest Georgia area? This could be nursing home, hospice, hospital, etc....and this is working as a CNA and what is the pay and who helps pay for school ....thanks for the HELP...
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  3. by   sjoe
    You can look up the classified ads by checking out the newspapers for these areas in your local library or by doing a google search.

    Salaries can be found on
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  4. by   eltrip
    Check with the larger hospitals in your area...home health agencies...pull out the phone book, the numbers are there. If you know anyone who works at these facilities, ask for assistance to get your foot in the door!

    Good luck!
  5. by   angelac1978
    one of the major hospitals in Chattanooga is Erlanger Medical Center, not sure how great of an employer they are, I haven't known anyone who has worked there. Good Luck!

  6. by   wolfie
    I worked at Erlanger but it's been several years. I liked them. It's a good hospital. The major trauma center for the area. I'm sure they have school rembursement and UT Chattanooga is right there and seems to be a pretty good school as opposed to UT knoxville.
  7. by   lpnga
    thanks..yeah i have wanted to go to UTC but can't afford out of state goes up from 1700 in state to 3700 out of state a sem...i have checked out erlanger as one option...i was wondering if there is anywhere that i don't know of...thanks to everyone
  8. by   catrn10
    I can sure tell you who not to work for-any hospital in that area located in Georgia. None of them are good employers, I worked at them all. As for Chattanooga, I've worked Erlanger and Memorial both. Erlanger currently has a program to help with education, I am not familiar with the particulars.
  9. by   copperd
    Memorial Hospital has a good reputation. I worked there for 13 years. Can't remember tuition re-embursement unfortunately. They usually have the top pay in the area too.