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  1. Hi I am an 18 year old male who originally went to highschool to become a biomedical engineer. I atteded the Catholic University of America. When I was 10 I was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder which had me in the hospital many times in which I dealt with many nurses and physicians in which I got a great sense of what patient care was and getting to know your patients. A got put in me a drug infusion pump that release the muscle relaxant baclofen without it basically I am bed ridden. In the past 4 and a half years I have been in the hosptialalot with 14 respiraory arrest and temporary paralysis and the nurses were very kind and helped me get through that. My spring semester at catholic I really realized that biomedical engineering is not actualy on hands with patient care and I could do all the calulus and stuff but it didnt thrill me. I had a set back when my cathater to my pump broke and had a more invasive surgery. In which I had to take a medical leave of abscense. I always had nursing in the back of my head. I have alot of family friends who are nurses and being there for a patient in need like they were there for me thrills me. II searched more I think later on I want to go on to more advanced practice like a crna. Since I have been under anesthesia many times and I can help ease peoples minds and it interests me. I took calculus 1 with analytic geomtry,biology,chem,chem lab that will transfer to catholics nursing school and I plan to take online courses while I am recovering and take a+p1 and2 and organic chem and start as a sophore next fall. I would still have some liberal studies to make up but they are alowing me. I had 3.1 first semester iwith engineerin classesif I raise it up to like a 3.5 do I have good chance for graduate programs. Tahnkyou for listening to me talk
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  3. by   jeepgirl
    we'd love to have you. however, bedside nursing is very physical and labor intensive. you'd really have to look at your health and then decide. also, i'd talk to your doc and see what he or she thinks.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck in school! Sounds like you'd be a great nurse. But agree with the above, that nursing is tough physically and mentally very stressful, so take care of your health first and foremost.

  5. by   fuerza757
    I know of many nurses that have beat the odds of disabilities due to illnesses and physical handicapps. Nursing is very demanding, however there are some nursing jobs that you may be able to function in; like Home Health, Nursing Education, Assisted Living, or group home settings. Your success will depend on your ablility to complete nursing rotations (training). This will give you an indication if you will be able to perform as a nurse. I agree that you should speak to your healthcare provider. Nursing is evolving more and more each day and I am sure if you become medically/physically stable there would be a place for you.
    Your determination is an honor to us all. Best of luck.

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    Good luck in school! Sounds like you'd be a great nurse. But agree with the above, that nursing is tough physically and mentally very stressful, so take care of your health first and foremost.

  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I think you and your doctor must work together to decide if you can overcome your disabilities to be a nurse. School may be taxing, especially clinical rotations. I wish you the best.
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    with my pump In I can walk normally and do everything. Actually in highschool I was a competive swimmer who got MVP. Without it I could barely swim. So I think. The clinicals wont be that much of a problem I talked to my doctor already I have been researching all over the place and nursing is such a wide field. We are looking into the deep brain stimulation to berfect it better. When I was a senior in highschool I went up and did rounds with A doctor we got up at six and went. At the cleveland clinic then I followed his nurses for a couple days in vascular neurological intesive care. I had some interesting conversations with people. Especially a lady on a vent who wanted to talk a gave her my notepad and we talk. They we busy it was good though. As I mentioned before I am looking still at advance practice nursing like crna clinical nurse specialist and teaching down the line. Tahnkyou for your nice replies