CDB Babies

  1. Hi all,
    I wanted to ask If any of you in NICU nursing or Midi have noticed a marked increase in the numbers of CDB babies ?

    Oh Chemically dependant babies for those who do not use this abbreviation.

    We are having a huge problem in NSW Aust, at the moment. With Methadone mothers taking a hit whilst in labour, so their Bub is born flat ...we narc it and it withdraws on day 1 instead of day 3 when they would be at home in the community, and have to have the problem managed by thier local clinic or GP, where they would have to go daily for the bub t be dosed.

    We have tried putting the bubs on Mis morph and weening when stable send them home....but the Mums steal their bubs morph, then they fit and we have had several deaths.
    So we tried pheno barb...same problem.

    We are now having to keep the babies in care untill they are completely weened...up to 3 months for our 30 bed NICU we have 15 currently, and have had to turn away premmies.

    Any suggestions ??
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    We call this Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), a term applying both to babies of drug abusers and of mothers with prescribed narcotics.

    I work in a pediatric rehab (not drug rehab) unit, and we treat these kids with a combo of phenobarb and denatured tincture of opium. We keep them until they are weened of the meds, and encourage their mothers to room in and care for them.

    When the babies ofdrug abusers test positive, they go into state custody. I think that parental rights are then contingent on their mother's participation in their own rehab and demonstrated parenting ability.
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    Our DEI (Drug Exposed Infant) babies usually go to High Risk Foster care, as wards of the court. Sometimes the fostermother is a grandparent of the infant, who has taken classes to care for the baby. Some of them go home on meds, Phenobarb, Paragoric, occasionally methodone.

    I would like to see all the mothers be taken off their methodone, and let them suffer ithe same as their poor babies. They often don't see the babes at their worst, when we are trying to control them without totally snowing them. Also, the mothers on methodone do get to take their babies back to rehab with them, or home if they are clean and following the program. That way the babies only end up in foster care later, when the mom relapses.

    We had premie twins a few years ago, positve for heroin, cocaine and mom was on methadone. Those babies were a mess, hot, upset guts, hypertonic, screamed easily. Went to two different homes, on methadone after trying everything else, as they were such handfuls. And mother took off after she recovered, it's her right to have more children..............
  9. by   RN from OZ
    I hear you on those bubs !
    all of our babies are in this state and as we slowly wean them down they start up again.
    We have no such system here and the parents no matter how badly addicted or how little contact they have with the child can take that bub home !
    We have even had them rock up on discharge day with no nappies , clothes, or bottles...let alone formula and have never even paid a visit to the child since they themselves were discharged.
  10. by   dawngloves
    Haven't seen an increase, but have had babies in house for months to withdrawl off MSO4 because, as you said, moms will take it!
    There is a in patient program for these little guys at another hospital, but there is a waiting list. Can you imagine working on that unit? I'd jump out the window!!
  11. by   brianpribis
    My hat goes off to you ladies (and gents) who are working with children. I have six and love them very much but don't know if I could ever take care of the children you are speaking of without a total meltdown. I know the moms are really sick, but they have made their choices. The children never had that choice. It makes me so mad!

    I am so glad that those children have people like you there for them!