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  1. Hi there..

    I'm getting a start on studying for the CCRN. I've been reading threads about the videos from Laura Gasparis but from what I've read her videos are a little dated. Does anyone know if she plans to update the videos or in your opinion, does it matter that it's a little dated.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   GilaRRT
    The videos are quite antiquated and it does make a difference.
  4. by   mgh000
    My unit still had her videos, I watched one or two and she's actually really good, yes they're out-dated but most of what she says is still good/same. I took the CCRN this past March and all I used was the PASS CCRN CD (I didn't open the book - just did lost of Q's everyday), Kaplan review book (I don't recommend it though I only read half of it) and took a reveiw course by Carol Rauen.. she was AWESOME.. I learned more from her 3day class than I did in a whole semester of nursing school. she teaches all over the US, mainly on the northeast coast though, but totally worth it. The Q's from PASS CCRN CD were almost word for word for some of the Q's on the Exam. Good luck!
  5. by   RN1980
    they are outdated though the patho she goes over is still the same patho the patients have in that regard she is current. however, i advise your to supplement your studying with other manuals/books.
  6. by   bellehill
    I just took the CCRN and used Laura's videos and her examination review book. Her videos are old but the basic concepts haven't changed. I thought her exam review book was great, really gives you a feel for the type of questions and then gives a rationale.
  7. by   labcat01
    I took and passed the CCRN this June using mainly her cds to study for the test. I'd recommend them to anyone! If I had further questions on a topic, I used the PASS CCRN book to read up on it and then did the practice questions on the cd.

    Good luck!