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  1. Hi everyone,

    First time posting on the boards today. Wondered if anyone has any insight as to what I could do with this nursing career...I'm an RN and have been working in hospitals since 1989. Recently made the switch to home health.
    Have two small children at home and work part-time per-diem for a home health agency. I love the job but the hours aren't always available.
    My question is, where do you think I could work every Saturday and Sunday per-diem 10-12 hours a day and be appreciated? Hospitals are definitely out for the moment.
    I'm extremely flexible with the work I do and a quick learner but not with the hours I can work.
    Strange question as there are tonnes of opportunities out there, I guess I'm still searching for that ideal job and looking for ideas!!

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  3. by   Zee_RN
    One of the major hospitals in my system has just the schedule for you! You work two 12-hr shifts every weekend (anywhere from 7PM Friday through 7AM Monday--punching out 7A Monday, that is). It pays $32/hr and comes complete with benefits. So you could work Fri & Sat Night or Sat & Sun daylight or Fri night and Sun night or Sat daylight and Sun night...etc. Seems pretty workable to me...if I ever leave my job, I'm going there!!
  4. by   nursemicke
    You could work for an agency or prn nursing home. Every place would like weekend help.
  5. by   shay
    What about an outpt. surg. facility or an urgent care facility? Clinics, etc. with weekend hours would surely be appreciative.

    Why are hospitals out, other than the I-hate-hospitals factor (if that's it, believe me, I agree and sympathize)? Working PRN in a hospital is pretty sweet. Mega bucks, no holiday requirements (most places), and you're ALWAYS appreciated. Maximum pay, minimal b.s., as I like to call it.

    Oh, yeah, and here's a hint...try posting your resume on one of those online job hunt sites. I did, and recruiters are practically beating down my door throwing offers for $$ my way. It's very nice. Not always the ideal places to work, of course, but hey...if it's the paycheck you need, working PRN can be very tolerable.
  6. by   PhantomRN
    Unless you work PRN in New Hampshire. The majority of the hositals here don't pay premium rates for per diem. To work per diem here means you make the same rate of pay as any other staff member except you have no benies.