cardiac ablation an electrifying experience?

  1. My cardiologist suggested I have this. What do you out there know about this procedure. It sounds scary I mean they want to zap my heart. Zikes I have had this problem since I was 35 and it is hard since I have low blood pressure and calan seemed to make me tired. Lopressor zonked me out totally,actually most the time my bloodpressure was too low to take it, then well my pulse can go up 179-195 I mean I am one tachy girl. I work this weekend and can't be online much til mondayam so if I don't respond to quickly don't be offended I just had to get this off my chest tonight while I had the nerve.
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    Maybe this will help.
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    I had EP studies and it was not bad at all. I had the same experience. I tried Tenormin, Zebeta, and Lopressor, but all of them dropped my blood pressure into the 70's. I finally let my cardiologist tlak me into th EPS. They did the ablation and I have had no runs of PSVT or syncopal episodes. I still have occasional palpitations, but nothing compared to what I used to have. The worst part was the six hours of bedrest after the procedure. There was not any pain or anything. Let me know if you have any specific questions!
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    Go for it!! I work in the cath/EP lab and we have a great electrophysiologist, with great results and lots of happy customers! Hopefully this can be a permanent solution for your SVT.

    Good luck whatever you do!!
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    Thanks for all your encouragement. It sounded good at the Dr. office then the more I thought about it the more freaked out I got . Thats when I decided to see if there were lots of negative aspects and I was being a positive fool again. I tend to get teased about only seeing the good in things and people even if I have to get a magnifying glass. So thanks it seems to be a pretty kool procedure and I will let you know what happens. deb
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    well, if you really MUST have rain on your goes:..One of my co-workers just had this done, now mind you l don't know a lot about her cardiologist...but...he zapped her so low that they had to place a permanent pacer...oops!...find someone you have confidence in, ask a lot of questions...good luck.....LR
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    I just transferred from a cardiac floor where we worked with alot of ablations. It works awesome for PSVT, AFIB, and even for freq PVC'S and runs of VTACH. They use and ultrasound wave to "burn" out extra nerve centers in the heart that try to take over for the SA node. Make sure your electrophysiologist is a good one! We worked with one of the best ones in UT. Your biggest risks are bleeding post procedure. Make sure they keep a close eye on your groin site for bleeding. (Am I rambling yet?
    Good Luck, It's worth a shot if it can keep you off medications.
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    The cardiologist is from Duke in Chapel Hill, NC which has a great reputation. Dr W told me that if something went haywire that I would be looking at the chance of a pacemaker. I can see me now setting off the grocery store alarms That is why I started this thread to hear both sides I was afraid they(my Dr"s) might? be a little one sided and I felt the peoples here would be more likely to give me both sides however yukky they were. deb