Can't believe this evaluation

  1. i just need to vent about this. i had my first lab evaluation yesterday for my first nursing course. i went in and my instructor handed me her evaluation sheet with her written comments. she then went through and read then commented further on some points here and there. seemed perfectly normal.
    she made some other comments to me which i don't think were sppropraite which i will get to in a moment.
    at the end i had to sign her copy of the evaluation which i did right in front of her of course and she saw me sign my name.

    what is the big deal is later on in the afternoon i was takin gout the sheet and i noticed the name written at the top of the sheet---it was not mine!!!
    there was one girl left in my class to have her evaluation who went in right after me and this was her evaluation. all those comments my instructor went through and such was for this other student, she didn't even know who i was! and i also think this is a major breach of confidentiality, foip, yuou name it. so i don'y even know my eval. i have emailed my instrucotr about this (yesterday) and she has yet to respond, and it's been a day now.

    my instructor also made comments on my appearance, my hair, my makeup, like what is the relevance of this to lab?

    i am just pissed off.

    any opinions on how i should handle this?

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  3. by   VickyRN
    If you don't hear back from her soon (from the email you sent her), go by her office in person or leave a voice mail. Even though you are angry and hurt by this incident, remember to keep your cool and act professional.
  4. by   Catsmeow
    !!! That's awful that she got you mixed up.

    What was the deal with hair/appearance/make-up?
  5. by   Esme12
    It takes a bigger human being to admit wrong doing. If she Does not respond go to the Head od the program and politely point out the error! Although My first year instructor made it very clear I was a loner and I would not "Make it". Well, I "made it" to be trauma flight nurse and I have been a Nurse for 25 Years!!!!!
  6. by   GingerSue
    hope it works out okay for you
    keep contacting her (politely of course) - she has to make this right

    does the other student know?

    (unless your hair is getting in the way -like dangling down into stuff - what's the problem?)
  7. by   Karine2

    thanks for your replies. my instructor has yet to reply to me. it's getting really frustrating. i have talked to the other student. she went in right after me and was the last one to have her evaluation. our instructor actually kept calling her by my name at the beginning of her eval and the other girl had to keep correcting her. after i first spoke to the other girl she checked her copy of the written eval she received and my name was at the top of hers but our instructor had actually crossed my name out and wrote this other girl's name, apparently at the eval. tonight i am going to email this other girl with the beginning of the comments of the written copy i have to see if they are the same. this just seems so unethical to me.

    the comments that were made about my appeareance were just lame, like she asked if i had lightened my hair and said that i didn't wear very much makeup did i. like what is the relevance of that?

    anyway, hopefully i will hear from her soon.
    the following day after this happened i did go and speak to a coordinator or something like that of the nursing program and said what had happened and this other lady said she would speak to my instructor and that she was sure i would be hearing from my lab instructor anyways. so far though, nothing.

  8. by   sjrn85
    I wouldn't recommend emailing the other student the copy of the eval. you rec'd. Even though it's her eval., that info needs to come from the instructor, not you.

    Let this be your first lesson in realizing that nursing instructors are not infallible, and there are good and bad ones, just as in everything else.

    I would contact the director of your program if you don't hear from her by the end of Friday. But do maintain a professional manner, no matter what happens.
  9. by   Agnus
    I am puzzled. How big is your lab class that your instructor does not know two of her students?!! You are HOW far into the semester that she still can not distinguish between you?

    My sympathy goes out to you. I just can not imagine being in your shoes.
  10. by   Tweety
    Keep your cool. Be professional.

    The instructor is human and probably just made a human mistake. Don't write negative stories in your head about her. Start off by giving her the benefit of the doubt. Be understanding.

    When the dust settles about the mix up, calmly ask your question about the relavence of your appearance to the evaluation.

    Good luck.