Can you write a word "error" when correcting mistake in charting? - page 3

hello i was told from my nursing instructor that when nurses make a writing mistake when they are charting, they need to draw one line across mistake and initial it, but never write a word... Read More

  1. by   jeepgirl
    we were taught to write correction instead of error. has a better connotation (or maybe thats dennotation) associated with it than error.!
  2. by   Attheana
    I think it depends on the facility. I have been taught to make a line thru it and write mistaken entry... I have also used error and my initials either way. You have to do what you feel comfortable. I know facilities put pressure on you to do it there way. They have legal issues too. but remember its your license on the line and when it comes down to it.. They are not gonna stand behind you!
  3. by   BittyBabyGrower
    line with mistaken entry....something new down from legal.
  4. by   allele
    I was taught at school to put a line through and write 'error' with my initials....but during one of my clinicals a nurse on the unit I was on was married to a lawyer and she said the best thing to do was put a line through and write 'disregard' with my initials. I really don't see the difference though, I'm kind of with the people that say that there's a line through it so it's probably going to be taken as an error, anyway. Right now I actually stuck with a line and writing 'error'. I figure I should just be consistant. Besides, pretty soon we'll be documenting on computer, so no more lines! My mistakes will just stay in the computer with a note saying it's a mistake. lol