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Just wanted to pass on a nasty thing published in the Edmonoton Sun this Saturday Nov 4/06. I am in an outrage as this writer obviously does not understand our work beyond simple tasks. Is this... Read More

  1. by   purseOnalityRN
    Here's my letter:

    RE: Nov. 7: Ivan Miller,
    It's unfortunate that you find it insulting nurses are regarded as professionals. Nurses save lives, tend to sick ones, create a shoulder to cry on for family members, and make critical decisions on a daily basis - ones that you may never understand or find important because you do not possess the years of training a registered nurse must endure. We would not need four years of university to simply follow a manual. Unfortunately you are incorrect - we do perform HIGHLY COMPLEX tasks, and demonstrate a HIGH LEVEL of judgment ON A DAILY BASIS - we are regarded as professionals. There are over 25 000 nurses practicing in Alberta today. We are the quarterbacks of this health care system and it is truly demeaning to have a member of the community make an opinion without walking in our shoes. It is also surprising an accountant would demonstrate such insolence.
  2. by   DusktilDawn
    good grief!!! what is in the water in edmonton, alberta?
    here's one today from m.a shipley:
    as a hospital administrator, i have to agree with t.a ball's nov. 4 letter. nurses currently perform higher-level tasks. however, they still perform many tasks that should be done by unskilled workers. this is very costly to the health-care system. job protectionism by the union and their nurses prohibits the system from hiring the right person to perform the right job. staffing would be less complex and labour costs would decrease significantly if there was a better fit.

    m.a. shipley

    (bitter medicine?)

    having been through the process in the mid 90's with hospital restructuring that resulting in the almagation of 2 hospitals, here's my response:

    oh please!!! i've been through a hospital amalgamation in the mid 90s (thank you government and your restructuring plan) and unions did squat about protecting nursing jobs, or any other unionized jobs (housekeeping, dietary, etc). in fact nurses with 10 years or less experience were "laid off." it was interesting to note that despite practically closing one hospital and combining the staff of both (after lay offs of course) how little management was let go. skeleton staff with twice as much management was the result. in fact management then and still to this day receives approximately 12% wage increases each year irregardless of whether or not they are competent in their job. amazing how much the severence packages were for the hospital's 3 ceos its has had since that time. talk about costly to the health care system. some things never change, hospital administrators continue to blame nurses and/or their unions for whatever is wrong. afraid to look in the mirror m.a. shipley?
  3. by   James Huffman
    Folks, this is a losing battle. Kind of like having a fight with a monkey using, well, fecal material. You'll just get dirty, and the monkey enjoys the fight.

    Writing ranting letters to the editor is a widespread practice. When someone writes something like this, you'd be surprised at how many people just roll their eyes, and go to the next piece. Nurses here (in the States; again, I can't speak for Canada) are respected, and usually have high approval ratings when such polls are taken. I honestly wouldn't worry about this too much.
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