Can you answer some questions?

  1. Hello Everyone,
    For those that dont know me i am Alicia, AKA TheBoss.
    I havent been here in many months, because of work, school, home, kids the dog ect!
    I am in the process of moving to Washington state and have some questions.
    What are LPNs allowed to do in Wash? IV,S, ect.
    Are they treated nicely?
    Are they allowed to work in the ER?
    Pay scale?
    And anything else anyone can tell me.
    I have 1 more year of school left for my BSN but must work as an LPN until finished. This isnt bad but i work in the ER and am treated very well at the job i am leaving and you can say i have been very spoiled by the RNs that i have worked with for the past 5 years.
    Can anyone help.
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN

    Where in WA state are you moving to? We have 3 LPN's working in our ER right now, they can do everything but push IV meds, triage and assessments. If they do an assessment it must be co-signed by an RN. I am afraid that it is rules like this that will keep any other LPN's from being hired into the ER. BTW, I am in the eastern part of the state, things could be different on the left coast part.

  4. by   theboss
    Hello Bob,
    I am moving to Bellingham Washington. I was affraid i might have a hard time getting into an ER. But i guess i will have to do something else until im done with school.
    What town are you from ? My parents are in Moses Lake, cousin in Bridgeport and an aunt in Spokan.
    Its nice to meet you and thanks for the info.
    Ill let you know how it goes when i get there.
    If anyone else has some info it would be appreciated.
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  5. by   Balder_LPN
    My wife Graduated from LPN school last year, but has worked in the hospital here in Bellingham, for 15 years, mostly in back office stuff, but did work as a tech in the ER during school and has been offered a position in the ER as an LPN, I am in school now and there are still local people who think St. Joseph's here doesnt hire LPN. They definitely do, but your options and openings are less than an RN.
  6. by   MadisonsMomRN
    You could always contact the BON in Washington State and get their nurse practice act aka the Bible.
  7. by   Sunqueen
    [QUOTE=theboss]Hello Bob,
    I am moving to Bellingham Washington. I was affraid i might have a hard time getting into an ER. But i guess i will have to do something else until im done with school.

    I don't know about nursing in Washington state, because I was staying at home with my kids when we lived there. But, I do know Bellingham is a wonderful place to live and we would go back there in a heartbeat! THings may have changed - we moved away 8 years ago. But, ther is only one hospital in town an so only one ER.
  8. by   Emma-Louise
    Hello guys, my name is Emma and I started my nurse trainning in february 2005. I completed and passed my first essay and now I am having to do my next one and I am so lost! The essay is called a "SINI" this stands for a situation in need of improvment. does anyone know what i should write avout. all I know is that i am on placement while i am doing this and I guess I have to do it on a patient. or do i? maybe it is improving nurse to patient communication? I don't know but i really need help. thanks
  9. by   Todd SPN
    Someone from my class went to work for St. Joe's ER after getting her LPN. Although she was new to nursing, she had worked for them at one time in what capacity I don't know. She was also an EMT who worked for the B'ham fire dept and ran a crew. So she was acquanted with the ER Dept. Don't know what her starting pay was. One of my classmates went to work in the birthing center and I think the pay was around $12.50 h. A couple bucks and some change shy of the starting wage for new LPNs in LTC. Another got on as like a surg tech. When I was doing clinicals there I recall seeing job postings for RNs with a starting pay of $21.50 h. I really thought St. Joe's was a great place and I was treated well by the staff. I couldn't guess how they would view you with your education and experience. Yes, we are allowed to do IVs and most things RNs are allowed to do.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from Todd SPN
    Yes, we are allowed to do IVs and most things RNs are allowed to do.
    that would depend on the specialty and area in which you practice. LPNs are not even hired in mine. They occasionally "float" up to our unit, but for example, cannot give IV push meds where I work. I know this is just one unit, speciality and one area. But it's how it is where I work.

    I would recommend anyone moving to WA check w/the Department of Health (which regulates licensure) and the BON for the WA Nurse Practice Act, as suggested previously for more specific info on scope of practice for LPNs in Wa.

    Also, knowing what hospitals at which you plan to work helps; this way, you can check in specifically with HR departments as to what openings exist and where. GOOD LUCK TO YOU and WELCOME TO WASHINGTON!
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes

    for hospitals listed nationwide, in case you need it. See my next post for WA State Nursing Resources! :wink2:
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