Can anyone recommend the blood group diet

  1. Today l had an iridology test at Alternative Therapys expo - and in the brief discussion following it was suggested that l try and follow the 'Blood group diet' -

    I am type a pos -

    I have recently had an (emergency) gall bladder removed and am recovering well - however l am keen to lose weight and really try and be a lot healthy than l have been

    - the upshot of all this is that this diet was recommended to me - it means - no flour (only rye bread) no potatoes, tomatoes, or red meat - some of this doesnt worry me however l would appreciate any opinions if you have tried it and if is has been succesful - or know of others who may had success with it.

    Thanks Tookie:
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  3. by   P_RN
    From what I have read there is not much evidence to support a diet that totally forbids certain foods based only on blood type.

    A change in lifestyle and cutting BACK not cutting OUT on foods would seem to be more beneficial.

    Iridology? Do you follow the premise?
  4. by   sharann
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by P_RN
    [B]From what I have read there is not much evidence to support a diet that totally forbids certain foods based only on blood type.

    I'd be wary of any diet that categorizes us into a "TYPE". The only type of diet is one that uses moderation. Exluding foods (tomatoes?) is a red flag. If you exclude ANYthing, I would exclude refined sugars (I don't, but you can!)
  5. by   kmchugh
    Ditto to what Sharann said. I have actually read a (very) little bit about this blood group specific diet, and it is nonsense. Don't look for a quick fix, because its usually a rip off.

    Just curious. How much stock do you put into iridology? Are there other "alternative" therapies that interest you?

    Kevin McHugh
  6. by   panda_181
    My humble opinion is...if you either follow Canada's Food Guide or just eat what you want in moderation, you can lose weight safely and at a good pace. I am not a fan of any kind special diet. You know what? I decided I wanted to lose weight, and the ONLY change I made is to not eat at night. And the pounds melted off let me tell you! Just little changes can make quite the difference.

  7. by   Tookie
    Thank you for repyling

    To answer some of the questions - no I cant say that I follow the iridology premise - It was more an opportunity to actually just to broaden my horizons - there were a number of alternative therapies on 'display' - most interactive and/ or people holding workshops etc. - Our local TAFE (Tertiary Educational - our Division 2 nurses do their course here) just gave the opportunity for the alternative therapists to be seen - and maybe run course if there is the interest - The display included aromatherapy, massage, tai chi, yoga, Feng shui, Reiki, crystals, Zenith and reflexology, ear candling as well as the iridology - some there required me to think further than my normal comfort levels

    Anyway as we have progressed in nursing and we look more at the whole of the person there are so many more aspects of their care that is more than hands on in the 'old fahioned sense' -
    whilst l dont particular have any interest in any of these fields l do think that there has certainly been an incorporation of some of the alternatives into our whole well being - ie aromatherpy and massage just 2 - I try to keep my mind open to most ideas - l also beleive that l am able to work out what is 'rubbish and hooey'

    To the other thoughts - have been for quite some time slowly losing weight note the word slowly - put a lot on as l beleive a result from night shift for so many years (last 2 years - have lost 12 K's so far have a lot to go- talk to my doctor re this and have tried Jenny Craig etc )
    Anyway when l had the the gall bladder removed it gave me a bit of a kick start again and now l seem to have stopped again even though l am no longer drinking any alcohol - used to have a least 3-4 glasses of wine etc a night - dont miss it either - just habit - it has been 7 weeks since l was admittted to hospital - I have been eating low fat for a long time and have been aware of the sugar intake - I have even been swimming and walking on a regular basis - although the past week l simply havent had the energy after work that l had 3 weeks ago

    _ so l guess when this thought of the 'diet was suggested then l thought - well it a chance to ask people what do you think, what have you heard about it, and has it worked for anyone within this group.

    I guess to get back to the 2 original thoughts - I am keeping my mind open about both alternative therpay's and diets - suggestions welcome - whew this was a long winded answer sorry

  8. by   nur20
    Email me and i will give you the physician's name...800 number...and website address. This is one of her specialties and she is deep into it. I heard her on a radio talk show, she answers all emails and has a book on natural health, wellness and restoration