can anyone answer these?

  1. Hi...
    I'm new here. I have a BA and MS in psychology. I'm thinking about returning to school for my RN. However, I'm terrified of returning to school. Graduate school was extremely hard and it has me "gun shy" about returning to school.

    Here are my questions:
    - Going to school for your RN, what all should I expect?
    - Is the workload heavy?
    - Do you have to write endless papers?
    - How much studying is required per day? (I realize there will be clinical work, that sounds very exciting!!)
    - Would it only take me 2 yrs since I already have a degree?

    Anyone who can answer some or all of my questions would be helping me a great deal!! I'm so glad I found this board....I've been needing some place to ask all these questions.

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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would go to the University you are considering for nursing school and ask these questions. Bring your transcripts so they can assess what you need to complete a BSN there.

    One thing I have learned here at allnurses is that all will say they spent/spend HOURS AND HOURS reading (we got 300pg reading assignments over night and did endless careplanning, like anyone) ...but it seems to me the amt. of time varies. It varies by school and by individual. Some can scan and glean what they need from their reading assignments very quickly...others take more time, for example. You can plan to spend LOT of time writing careplans, preparing for clinical rotations at the hospitals/dr offices in your area....etc. How much exactly, I don't know. It's very individualized, I think.

    For me, it was overwhelming at times. You will find folks here at allnurses who will tell you they attended and graduated nursing school while holding down fulltime jobs and raising families and did ok....others like me, it was all I could do to finish school and raise my family, forget working a will vary...

    If I were you, I would talk to some of the students at the university you are considering attending....ask THEIR experiences. I bet what they say will definately give you a realistic insight as to what YOU can expect, given your abilities and time management skills. Good luck to you!
  4. by   sjoe
    There is a forum entitled "student nursing" on this BB where you might get some up to date feedback, since these people are presently in school.
  5. by   Dr. Kate
    There are programs designed specifically for people who have a batchelor's degree. There are accelerated BSN programs, BSN programs, BSN-MSN programs. All will have different requirements.
    The one thing I strongly suggest is that you go for the BSN. I figured that since I had a BA in Biology I didn't need a BSN and got an AA. Within a year I was making plans and taking classes to get my BSN. Took 3 years to do what would have taken 2 otherwise. I don't regret it, but it would have been cheaper and more efficient (and I wouldn't have ended up doing two rotations of adolescent psych, yuch!)

    Ask lots of questions about the curriculum and what classes you'll have to take, what prerequisites are involved. Take as many as you can at a community college, or at least before you're in the RN program. It really is easier to be able to just focus on nursing. For myself, I tend to get curious about other things and the next thing I know I'm taking something because it's there.
    If you plan it right, you'll have a career and your life back in 2 years.

    Good luck.