cam walker and c diff

  1. My hospital allows nurses to work with cam walkers on as long as you have a toe protector on. My question is is it hospitals responsibility to provide something to cover my cam walker in c diff patient rooms? I have called our infection control nurse and all she said was I can go to employee health and see if they can get me a cover. My thought is if they're going to allow me back with this and I have no option but to wear it in my home as well that theyes should provide some sort of cover even a surgical bootie but maybe I'm wrong in thinking so. I certainly don't want to bring c diff into my home. Thoughts anyone?
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  3. by   brillohead
    How is this any different than you walking around the grocery store or anywhere else in public?

    Do you intentionally splash in puddles of poo at work?

    There are all kinds of germs living everywhere in the community -- whose job is it to protect you from germs on the sidewalk or in your kid's school or at your doc's office or at the movie theater?
  4. by   MunoRN
    Why not just use bleach wipes?
  5. by   Rose_Queen
    The OR usually has shoe covers. Those in the OR who wear a boot have to use the long shoe/leg covers because it's considered outside and therefore dirty. Why not see if you can get a few of those?
  6. by   Cls62011
    It's clearly different because I don't toilet people in public and the hospital provides ppe to protect us. Can't use bleach wipes on top because it's fabric. Will on underside though for sure. It was decided with upper management to wear surgical cover for those rooms. Thanks for the replies.