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I cannot take it anymore. I need to know what kind of activities do you mothers give to your kids to keep the occupied/busy while you are studying? I don't like to read as it is, and I have honestly... Read More

  1. by   lvnandmomx3
    When I was in school my kids were 17mos, 8yo 10yo.The older 2 really helped out witht the youngest (at the time they all got along, now forget it they are 3,10, and 12 now) with keeping him occupied if I "had" to study while they wre around. I usually went to the library or statyed after class on campus to study for a few hours. I also did the go to bed early and get extremly early and that helped alot.
  2. by   me&myboys
    I've just started going back to school and we make a game out of mommy's studing time. We all set up to do homework at the kitchen table (my 7yr old does have homework and my 4 yr old has a preschool work book that is his homework). That way I get to do some work with my kids and they feel that they are big boys.

    After they are done they are done, I put on a movie or cartoons and they get to watch tv as a reward for doing all of their work.


  3. by   IrishItalianRN
    I have a 6 year old.
    I sit him at the table with me and have him do his homework, or if he doesnt have any he draws me pictures that i can display on my school binder which makes him so proud.
    He also is able to watch tv and play with his toys so im lucky that he can keep himself preoccupied.

    You do have your hands full! If i had two kids the ages of yours I would be for sure asking family for help... do you have family that is willing to watch them for you a couple nights a week so you can study?

    I know this all depends on the dispostion of your children but is your 5 year old the type of child you can ask to help you with your 19mo old, such as... "If you can help mommy take care of the baby for 2 hours I will read you one extra bedtime story tonight, or create a sticker reward sheet and for every hour your 5 year old can help you give them a sticker and when they fill up a row they get a small toy from the store. This works for me as well. If my son gets a certain amount of stickers he gets to pick out a hot wheels car...

    Another Idea... educational DVD's, I have fallen into the sit my kid in front of the TV so i have time to study routine. If you get educational ones like baby Eintsteins or some of those it is good for them at the same time.

    I know everyones situation is different so I dont know if these ideas will help. I'm married and my husband does what he can but he works from 9am until 8pm so that we can pay our bills. So at night it's up to me to occupy my son.
  4. by   Logos
    Two words-
    Play Station
  5. by   User123456
    Quote from Logos
    Two words-
    Play Station

  6. by   IrishItalianRN
    R U serious? You would put a 5 year old (and 19mo old) on a playstation?
    We dont even own one. If Im going to amuse my child with the tv or games I would rather it was educational, because at least if he isnt getting attention from me at that moment he is learning something that will help him in school.

    My son has a laptop my dad bought him. The internet is not loaded on it and he has disney games that teach kids addition and subtraction, reader rabbit etc.
    Are there learning tool type games for playstation?
  7. by   User123456
    what about the leapster things? or brainage?
  8. by   IrishItalianRN
    those are good ideas too!
  9. by   ducksmom
    Quote from rnmomtobe2010
    The worst part of it all is I had help. My husband decided to become a truck driver so that I could got to school and not have to worry about working and taking care of the kids, house and etc... I also have NO family where I am . My mother made the comment the other day "see, if you where here, I could help you with the kids the days I am not at school myself." I felt so awful and tempted to pack all of my stuff and move back home. But then, I know it is NOT worth the move. Memphis sucks. The crime rate and the schools are ridiculus. I love it where I am. I just need to relax,relate and release. I have basically taken on the role of a single mother in the absense of the hubby. I love him for all that he is doing, but......

    OMG you are in the same situation I am. Except my mother is deceased and my MIL is the one who says we need to move closer to Not happening. :uhoh21:
  10. by   angel_prias
    I am having the same dilemma myself right now. Thankfully, though, I live with my mother and we have 3 maids at home. But I still have mixed emotions -- 1) guilty for not giving them my 100% attention and 2) guilty (again) for getting irked at times when they bother me while I am studying.

    In dealing with guilt #1 I just bear in mind that I can't possibly give them my 100% attention all the time -- not practical and I believe not healthy for the three of us (I have 2 lovely daughters 4 & 5). I couldn't possibly give them a 100% attention if I was working in the office, could I?

    As regards guilt #2, I try hard not to get irked at them -- genuinely; I deal with that by remembering that they do things to catch my attention because they want and need my attention. That that is just their way of saying "I miss you, mommy".

    It's hard, but find a "game plan" that works for you according to your personality, etc. I myself do not have a definite "game plan" like most of the posters here. I tried sleeping with them and waking up early to study but that didn't work because my kids sleep in the afternoon so they sleep at 10 (sometimes 11) at night. I don't function well during the day when I haven't had enough sleep the night before so I make sure I get at least 5 hours of sleep.

    Right now, what I do is that I go to school early and study there. At times when I have to study more and intensely, like during exams week, I go to coffee shops or 24 hours Burger King and study there.

    I have this... call it a "talent". When I am studying or simply reading something, no matter how noisy the people around me are, it's as if I shut everything off around me; I don't get easily distracted. But when it comes to my children, that talent simply won't work.
  11. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Quote from Logos
    Two words-
    Play Station
    He will have one next month and I can't wait. That idea is amazing. All of you have given me wonderful ideas. I have been making use of the library since I have 1-2 hour gaps between classes. That has been helpful and my son has realized what I am trying to accomplish and he helps with the chores. I wish you all could see his version of making up our beds. OMG!! but at least he tries. I have a swiffer vac. and he uses it to help as well. I am so grateful for him. Now that chick of mine is a whole different story!
  12. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Oh yea, she does have a thing for books and as long as it has very colorful pictures, she wils sit still and quietly for almost an hour.
  13. by   futurecnm
    I try not to study too much when my kids are with me. I know some people at school who let their kids watch TV all day so they can study. There is no need to have to study all day every day. I try to work on school stuff 1-2 hr a day when the kids are sleeping or gone. When I have a test, I do ssometimes study when they are around me, but it is only every so often. GEt them used to early bedtimes and stay awake late. I sometimes am up until 12 or 1am doing homework, reading, studying. It is worth it to me, but that is just me. I'd rather not study a lot when I'm with the kids. I know I could but prefer not to.