called BON today looks good

  1. well I called my state BON after spending hours reading their website on crimninal convictions ect. I was told I can take the board just for me to state the charge on my apllication. If it does not have to do nurinsing ex abuse robbery violent crime and 10 years has passed, and I bring in proof of a changed lifestyle, I am fine. They may not even ask me to face the board it depends. Well thats a load off my shoulders because as some of you know I have a charge from 12 years ago. Conspiracy but according to my State and they way I pled, I am not a convicted felon and I do not have to put down that I am but the aplication states all covictions misdeamor or felony so I have to put it downn. I feel better but just embarassed that I have to explain this for the rest of my life.thank god I have gotten away from ex husband and away from the abuse.If I had not met him I would not have gotten in trouble. Life is so wonderful. Love the small things thanks donna
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  3. by   scrubs70
    GREAT news Donna, best wishes for your nursing future.
  4. by   ARmickie
    Glad things seem to be working out for you. A friend called me today and said she'd heard from the BON as well and was told that the offense wasn't an automatic ban from taking the test. However, they also said that they couldn't/wouldn't say anything else until she applied for licensure. lol.. Poor thing.. she doesn't know whether to try to get in or not! I'm saying go for it -- besides, I really don't wanna go thru school alone!!
  5. by   nekhismom
    YAY!!!! Best of wishes to you.
  6. by   ginger1023
    Just go for it ...I am sure your past WILL NOT DICTATE your future.....and since you had positive feedback from BON ..:chuckle
    Smile the best is yet to come....
  7. by   moia
    A twelve year old conviction that does not involve nursing really can't be held against you...
    I would do something first before you write the exam...ask the BON for that opinion in WRITING and make them explain the "changed lifestyle" part.
    How do you prove a changed lifestyle? Do you need letters from really "good" people saying you are one of them?

    Don't write the exam until you get in writing BON's statement that you will be allowed a licence.
    If you write the exam and then apply for licence they can happily refuse...all you have is a vague phone call...
    Also when are you supposed to provide your record of being a "good" person? before or after you get denied and have to pay for an appeal?

    So far it seems like there shouldn't be a problem but if you have it in writing you can pay the exam fee and the licence fee knowing that you have a real proof to back up any problems.
    Do NOT rely on that phone call ...
  8. by   donnar232
    called Bon again and they said it is right on their website if I need it in writing. It does state that as long as it does not pertain to nursing that it should be fine.If you check my earlier post. I pulled the info right from the website. the writing right from the website regarding convivtions is on it. I an going to print that out just in case with my luck it changes. well as far as the proff. I dont know character refernces. My job of 6 years stating that I have been a good employee. Mortgage on our house. Pictures of kids Im not sure what they want. Thank you all Donna
  9. by   Tweety
    Woot! Good luck in pursuing your dreams.