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  1. Hi, Thinking about going union...What do you think?
    I'd really like some feedback

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  3. by   OC_An Khe
    Do you mean having a Unionization drive at your current place of employment or changing jobs to a unionized facility. If its the latter I've worked at both types (union/non-union) and I prefer working in a unionized facility as opposed to an at will employee. I may not like all the unionized rules but they can't be changed at will and I have a meaningful say how they are derived at.
    If you mean the former its your working conditions that are leading you to this decision. If your employer is unwilling to listen and change then either go union or move on to another facility with better conditios/management.Either way you make your feelings known.
  4. by   Jenny P
    I've worked in all 3 different types of settings (non-union, union, and collective bargaining- a union for nurses by nurses [instead of the AFL-CIO, for instance); and the best choice is the last one. A union for nurses knows what we are going through, while a union made up of others- say, steelworkers, may not be able to understand the impact of some things and how they affect nurses. The down side of a non-unionized workplace is that they can discipline, demote, or fire you at will,and your salary is dependant on fate. I'm much happier working in my current situation; a collective bargaining setting with my state nurses association speaking for us as nurses. I feel it's a stronger voice for nurses.
  5. by   Nurseprotect
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by MissCheevusRN:
    [B]Hi, Thinking about going union...What do you think?
    I'd really like some feedback

    Be aware that many of these online postings are monitored by administrators. If you have identifying information listed on this site you might find yourself blackballed quickly from the city in which you reside. Yes the National Labor Relations Board might be able to come to your defense but what will you do in the meantime for work? It is best that the hospital not be aware of your efforts to organize for as long as possible. If the wrong person reads your post here before you even get know how easy it is to fire a nurse for "legitimate" reasons.
    Steve Lee, RN
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  6. by   postaledde
    When you think about joining a union look at thier history of doing the things that you stand for. Here is a little tidbit copied from the MNA.Ninety-three percent (93%) of the nation's registered nurses do not belong to ANA, yet ANA claims to be the voice of the entire nursing profession. Last month Dr. Peter Bearhaus, a nurse researcher at Vanderbilt University commented in the press that IN FACT, "nursing has not been adequately represented in Washington." We need to join the Million Nurse March..
  7. by   -jt
    "nursing has not been adequately represented in Washington."

    Thats a matter of opinion. Looking at legislation that nurses have helped write, lobby for & get passed into law, it seems that the profession is not only represented but also active & successful in making changes. And wasnt having more of an impact for the nursing profession from the center of the national arena precisely one of the reasons the ANA relocated its headquarters from Kansas City to Washington, DC?