CA Non graduate RN interpretation Section 2736 Business and Professions Code.

  1. Can someone please explain the non graduate option of the BRN application? It's confusing to me. I'm looking for a comprehensive list to see if I'm eligible to sit for NCLEX.
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    What state is this in?
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    Call, write, or visit the BRN to get an explanation. Or, fill out the application based upon your own interpretation. The worst that can happen is that your application will be rejected or delayed, but the Board will provide a reason in writing that you can follow up on. Essentially as long as your transcripts show the minimum required courses as listed, (also see the 30 unit option list), you should meet the requirements.
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    2736. (a) An applicant for licensure as a registered nurse shall comply with each of the following:

    (1) Have completed such general preliminary education requirements as shall be determined by the board. Graduated from an RN nursing program

    (2) Have successfully completed the courses of instruction prescribed by the board for licensure, in a program in this state accredited by the board for training registered nurses, or have successfully completed courses of instruction in a school of nursing outside of this state which, in the opinion of the board at the time the application is filed with the Board of Registered Nursing, are equivalent to the minimum requirements of the board for licensure established for an accredited program in this state. Completed all courses that the BRN requires for licensure in California. Other states may have different course requirements, so you must meet Cali. requirements.

    (3) Not be subject to denial of licensure under Section 480. ​Must not have been convicted of a crime that would exclude you from obtaining a license.

    (b) An applicant who has received his or her training from a school of nursing in a country outside the United States and who has complied with the provisions of subdivision (a), or has completed training equivalent to that required by subdivision (a), shall qualify for licensure by successfully passing the examination prescribed by the board. If you are an IEN, you must meet training equivalency with US nursing training and pass NCLEX-RN

    If you did not graduate, you are not eligible to take NCLEX.
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