Bulletin board networking versus live chat

  1. Have only been on allnurses for a short time and find the bulletin boards great stuff!!!! So why are the live chat forums so empty? Maybe we can have a wine *oops* I meant whine there some time and do some live networking
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    Hey Step, welcome to the boards! They are a hopping place! The chat goes through it's highs and lows. I've found that the best way to chat here is to start one up yourself. The best sessions have happened when someone just posts "GET INTO THE CHAT ROOM NOW - I AM THERE!"

    And maybe it's just because of the time I go in, but it seems to be most populated around midnight EST.

    Again, welcome!

  4. by   live4today
    Hi Step!

    Welcome aboard! The family is HUGE, most of the time HAPPY, and very receptive to NICE newcomers! Women love to chat any way we can get it.....whether it's writing, email, talking on the phone, telegram, chat rooms.....WHATEVER...we love it all!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    hello and welcome! i went in to live chat early this am and a couple of people were there but i didn't stay but a few minutes. nice to have you here with us, step.
  6. by   waicurn
    i downloaded the chat shareware... but it just keeps on saying "waiting for connection..." or something like that.
  7. by   nurseratchett29
    Welcome to the Jungle==We got fun and games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously, welcome to the family
  8. by   waicurn
    thanks! nurseratchett29!
  9. by   prmenrs
    I tried the chat room once, but I didn't care for the everybody talking at once thing--it was too hard for me to follow the conversation I was having--kinda like being at a cocktail party and having to listen to EVERYONES' conversation will still making sense of the one you personally are invilved in--too hard for me. But I guess they're great for other folks.