BSN pay vs.AD pay

  1. I love the discussions about who should get payed more and why. I'm a diploma grad from the 70's and then got my BSN in 1980. I went directly to a nurse manager position from nursing school( the diploma program). Got straight A' s in the BSN program. I didn't learn alot in it and churned out a bunch of papers. Most of what was taught to me I had already learned in that diploma program. I don't always think it's someone's ed level that is important. Mostly it's experience and what you do with it.I've known plenty of LPN's who were terrific nurses. They were knowledgable and great care givers. I've known some very advanced degree nurses that had no idea what to do with a patient. I think it's all individual who should get payed what and what thier position should be. Just because someone is a diploma grad or an AD nurse doesn't mean they can't be a better nurse manager than the BSN.
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    Noooo...not again--not so soon....

    When will the lambs stop screaming, Clarice?

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    I thought the same thing. Very well put...I stepped out to take a Valium and then return to post. Thank you for doing so....

    Damn this is a bad night....
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    Please use the search feature to look up the many many many threads on this topic....please I beg of you

    and Stargazer
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    Many of which are locked.
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    Originally posted by Stargazer
    Noooo...not again--not so soon....

    When will the lambs stop screaming, Clarice?

    Yeah for real, I know WAY better than to stick my nose in on this one. Not doing that shyt again anytime soon!
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    BestXNurse--no one's trashing you, honestly. But we just did 2 or 3 of these threads in the last couple of weeks, all of which got heated and semi-nasty at some point--and it's just too soon for another one, okay? It's just too soon.

    Poke around the site, post to some other threads, and if you still really really want to, try again in a few months, all right?
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    Dood--I honestly can't decide which picture is scarier.
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    We are all NURSES ADN, BSN, MSN....ESPN. Really!!
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    some subjects refuse to die a quiet death.........Welcome to the boards BestX.....glad to have you on! Have fun perusing the HOT, heated debates on this one. It should entertain you for hours.
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    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    Have fun perusing the HOT, heated debates
    Deb, you tease.
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    heheh I know, my husband tells me that ALL the time. all the time. *evil grin* i am a very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad girrrrrrrrl.