1. I hope you all sit and really chew on this awhile and not just react like so many often do this is part of another post but feel it warrants your thoughts and feedback

    You know I hate emptying trash cans too, and perhaps you that have BSN degrees, have earned the right to move on, to more focused, and responsible duties. I don't buy this argument that the world at large, does not respect nurses because of education levels within a profession. Perhaps by some means of enlightment, I will see the light if I decide to do what it takes to add the BSN after my name. but really what is the core problem here, is it self image? or perceived image.
    1 Why don't nurses get what there worth?
    2 Why is the next generation of kids not looking at nursing as career move
    3 Why cant we raise leaders within nursing to um lead us to the promise land
    we do it on the floor someone is in charge and without question as long as that person is competent even a BSN will follow a ADN Nurse we all have to hold our heads up and be proud of our own place and purpose in this life and if you can not respect a person or feel you are not respected because of a difference in education how will you ever overcome the issue of how the physician controls your stature and autonomy. someone once lead nursing and the rest followed I believe her name was Florance or something
    I have tremendous respect for anyone who set 2 to 5 years of their lives aside to be a nurse we need all of us to hold our heads up and demand respect, from the PHD to the Nurse aide we trust with the most important of patient data collection. lets not cut our hand off before we look to change our nursing world. Your BSN friends will respect your profession if you do first.
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  3. by   Tim-GNP
    Rex, that was a very interesting and profound post. You helped make me think of a few things...

    After making multiple visits to this site,I fear that the bottom line is that nursing will NEVER be a profession. In response to your question Rex, "why can't we raise leaders within nursing to um lead us to the promise land." The answer is simple, when someone rises to a position where the could lead, they are instantaneously stabbed by their peers. "They don't understand us, anymore... they forgot what it was like to be a REAL NURSE" are the common laments of the masses.

    I am sure others will say I am sexist, but oh well-- but I have never seen a female dominated profession that enjoyed high levels of autonomy or respect. Nurses tend to be very malicious to each other, very 'caddy' and very back-biting. Christ, at least 10 different conversations in this board drew lines in the sand over entry level education into nursing.

    Case in point, I went into the nursing home to see some patients yesterday, I sat on one unit for about 2 hours. In 2 hours, do you want to take a guess at how much B.S. I heard. "If *NAME* thinks I am going to bust my a** while she sits down in that room kissing Mr. *NAME*'s families a**, she's crazy." Then I heard "*NAME* hasn't done this or that yet, and its almost 11:00!" Followed by "*NAME* is such an idiot... do you want to hear what she said?" BUT THEN, when *NAME* showed up, they were sooooo sweet to them, and so nice to their face. "Backstabbing wenches" was all that I could think of.

    After 2 hours of that, I was in need of compazine. I couldn't wait to get away from that place.

    My thoughts on the matter--- no, nursing will never receive the respect and admiration it deserves, why??? SOME nurses [mind you some, not all], should look in the mirror, because that's who is to blame.

    Tis with our judgements as our watches, none go just alike, yet, each believes his own.
    -Alexander Pope
  4. by   jp#1
    Tim, you must work at the same place I do!! I think to myself--my own kind (nurses) are such an embarassment to me sometimes. This is so sad. Guess it wouldn't be so bad, IF I didn't remember what it was like so long ago and far away. At one time, we were such a cohesive and nurturing group. Wish we could go back in alot of ways.
  5. by   Mijourney
    Thanks Rex. Your post is food for thought. Tim-GNP, you're right. Women are something else. So are men. We either get chewed, hen-pecked or nawed to death by women or get butchered and head chopped by men (I hear of doctors regularly eating one another). One way or another we have the potential to get "screwed" if you'll forgive the pun, by one gender or another.
    Under another post, someone pointed out the history of the relationship between MDs and DOs. Here's the catch. There are only two educational levels for physicians and DOs are limited in their scope of practice.
    Rex, my belief is that the problem goes beyond image and respect from others. It's about self-worth and internal control. Do you define yourself as a person or nurse by your educational background, or do you define yourself by what your abilities and capabilities are? If you don't define yourself by your education, then do you mind change, even if it affects something near and dear to you? The fear of change is what we have to overcome. I admit I have problems with this also, but as your post is thoughtful, I'm thinking also.
  6. by   Lynn Casey RN
    Great responses Tim GNP and Mijourney!I agree 100%!This is what I find so tragic in what I consider the best opportunity in the world to touch millions of people's lives....NURSING!I wish so badly that we could make them all see this.All my career,I have been bashed for being too keen,too popular with patients,too nice to students,too...I make a point to point out the positive qualities to everyone I work with.And what do I get?A size 7-9 shoe on my head.I have been told I am "intimidating".I find this so frustrating when all I want to do is make work fun and our profession enviable!I will perservere.The bottom line here is there will always be nurses with low self esteem who's lives are out of control.Unfortunately,they feel bigger by making others feel small.I feel the only way to address this problem is from the ground up.I've made a promise to my self to "grab"onto every student nurse and new grad and show them all the great things that await them if they let themselves.I also feel exposing,rather than tolerating "bullies" is a move in the right direction.When I get "slighted" I put on a big ass grin and say "Thanks!"Trust me ,it works!Good Luck!Lets work only takes a spark!