1. I would like to get some feedback on going the BSN route vs. ADN. I'm trying to decide whether I should work on getting all my prereqs for a A.A. in nursing and transfering to the BSN program in one of the state universities or to push for the ADN. I am planning on continuing and working towards a MSN and possibly, Ph.D. (I would also love to be able to teach nursing in the undergraduate level). Does the extra two years before actually starting the nursing help you feel more competent.

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  3. by   hollykate
    Again, just my two cents. Get the AAS and then let the hospital you are working at PAY for you to get the BSN, MSN and PhD, most hospitals have tuition reimbursement these days. WHy pay for it if your employer will?
  4. by   NorthernRN
    Here's my 2 cents~ I got my ADN first, then worked as an RN while I completed my BSN. I got some excellent experience, while getting both degrees. It was well worth the time and effort as I was able to write my own ticket when talking with hospitals with both my BSN and experience!
  5. by   gpip
    Having went the ADN route, I am now in a BSN completion program and may go on to my MSN. In my experiance I wish I would have just went for the BSN instead of taking the long route. It took me just as long to get my ADN as it took my fiance to get her BSN. If you are planning on going on skip the ADN program and go for it.

  6. by   FluffyRN
    Great! You are choosing a satisfying and rewarding profession. As an RN in SW FL, here is my take. I went through the ASN program at Edison Community College, and did the extra courses for the AA. I am now finishing my BSN at FGCU. I am very happy with the route I took, but my sentiments echo those in the previous replies. This route takes longer, but, you will be much better prepared for graduate education. Living in Bradenton, USF has a great RN to MSN program, where you get dual BSN/MSN credit for certain courses, shaving significant time off the MSN program. Good luck, and e-mail me if you have any other questions.
  7. by   puzzler
    Another 2 cents worth (LOL)
    I went the LPN, then ADN route. Always meant to go on but did not. My daughter went straight BSN and it did not really take that much longer. If I had it to do over again I would go for the BSN from the start.

    A lot will depend on your home situation and finances. Most hospitals today will assist, if not totally pay for advancing your education.

    Whichever route you take I hope you will enjoy nursing as much as I have for the last 24 years (Lord, I must be getting old.) I may complain at times but the rewards out-weigh the problems.

    Good luck with your endeavors.

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