Bsn & Nclex-rn?

  1. Does BSN take the same board test as RN,(associate)? or they have a different NCLEX to take aside NCLEX-RN?
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  3. by   sjrn85
    Same test, no matter what type of program you attended.

    May I ask, if you're "ADarnedGoodNurse," why do you even need to ask this question?
  4. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I would not discourage anyone to ask questions. That is what this site is for.
  5. by   sjrn85
    Who's discouraging questions? I'm just wondering why someone who identifies himself/herself as a "DarnedGoodNurse" would need to ask this. Someone who is a nurse would already know the answer to this question.
  6. by   lexus380
    I think that question was preddy rude, that's what the site is for no matter what your title is, I am a nurse aqnd I ;earn something new everyday and what I don't know I ask.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Please, remember to keep conversation friendly and try to take apparently earnest questions at face value. Let moderators deal with trouble, if you see it, by using the reporting system. Do NOT address people you see as "troublemakers" directly; instead, let the moderation team do this. Thanks for understanding.

    Regarding the question, ALL RN candidates take the same NCLEX test nationwide, regardless of point of entry, whether it be diploma, BSN or ADN school (or 2nd degree BSN/MSN).
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  8. by   icugirl33
    I was asked the same question a couple months ago by someone. It may seem like a question we should all know the answer to, but we all have questioned things that "everyone" assumes we should already have the answer to.
  9. by   pedinurse05
    Quote from ADarnGoodNurse
    Does BSN take the same board test as RN,(associate)? or they have a different NCLEX to take aside NCLEX-RN?
    Yes, the NCLEX RN is taken by both ADN or BSN program graduates. The only other NCLEX is the LPN/LVN exam. Hope this helps
  10. by   GoofieRN
    THanks for the reply...

    sjrn85: FYI: THere is no crime in my username. There is no need for me to explain anything to your extremely rude comment. I hope this answer your question.
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  11. by   Thunderwolf
    Please folks, shake hands and move on.

    Please reread SmilingBluEyes post.

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