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How many british nurses are out there using this board? Do you find it useful/helpful? How regularly do you contribute to a discussion group? Let me know I am curious. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Flora
    NO NO DON'T GO !!!

    It is like mental telepathy...
    I was just wondering what it would be like to work in England, especially in Newcastle area, as I have relatives there, although they DON"T know me..(yet)...on my Grandfather's side.

    How is nursing different in the USA?
    What do you have to do to be able to work here?
    Let's talk about what is different and what is the same...

    I am really curious. Please don't go away to your own web,
    (unless you Have too).
    I want to learn more.
  2. by   ayemmeff
    We've not gone Flora,just moved!!!

    But you can bet we'll still be popping up all over the place!!
  3. by   tony summers
    Hi Hooly

    you r right it is a big difference, but relish the change and enjoy the learning curve

  4. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by Gailsimpson
    Does anyone please know what the drug Demerol is equivalent to over here?

    Hi Gail...Demerol's chemical name is Meperidine HCL..non opoid analgesic. Usually given intravenously or IM but oral forms are also manufactured.

    I always enjoy the UK nurses here in the fact my best buddy is from Sussex. I find the UK nurses very professional. They voice to me their biggest shock here is the futile prolonging of life they see in the US...they tell me this would not happen in the UK and are a bit shocked. (as am I...I feel personally it has gone too far here) Otherwise it was not too difficult transition for them to practice in the US they tell me

    Best wishes all and glad you have your own site now..hope you don't mind visitors as I love to read about nursing in other countries.
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  5. by   BellaTerra2002
    Sticking my neck out here -- I plan on visiting England, all on my own (no tour group) -- within the next year. I'd like to talk and visit with one of you. Not stay in your home, but just go out to dinner. Maybe be shown around a hospital. I am primarily interested in Hospice. Any takers?? I'll buy dinner and drinks!
  6. by   ayemmeff
    We must arrange an Allnurses get-together!!!!! Ooooh! I'm excited already!!!!! I don't work in a hospice Bella,but I'd be delighted to show you around my town!!!!!

    We're getting a visitor everyone!!!
    neener! neener! neener!!!
  7. by   BellaTerra2002

    Thanks much, Ayemmeff! I'll keep in touch with you! I would LOVE to meet you -- especially now that I know that you're not into Limey Porn. ROFLMAO (I won't forget THAT one any time soon! :roll )

  8. by   lisamct
    Bella, if you make it all the way up to Scotland I'd be glad to show you around my little bit of the country. Im not in Hospice work either but Im sure you'd still love it.
  9. by   BellaTerra2002
    Thank you! Of course I'll get to Scotland, if for no other reason than to see you. I plan on coming for 10-14 days. I only want to see a few places. I'm not a touristy person. I HATE rushing around all over the place just so I can come home with a bunch of pictures of famous attractions. Rather, I like to just get to know the people and soak up the 'feel' of the place. I DO want to get to SOMETHING at Covent Gardens. Big Ben. The Tower where Henry kept Anne. ) I suppose the palace in London. Oh, and see Shakespeare's town/home. Other than that, I just want to roam around and eat and talk with people IF we can understand each other! LOL American is not English. Almost like two different languages. LOLOLOLOL
  10. by   ayemmeff
    Lisa,Have you got a bunnet warming for Bella already?!

    Bella,Don't you worry,we'll understand each other just fine!!It'll be great!I do live in a very historic place,but we have lots of waterfront cafes and restaurants etc. I'm planning stuff already,I'm going to have to buy a "Vegas-Chair" so we can post peeksures!
  11. by   lisamct
    ayemmeff, you know I am actually quite proud to say that there are no shops in my town that sell tartan bunnets outside Halloween time, I did get some funny looks though when I went around asking for them:chuckle
    I thought I was actually going to get thrown out of 'The Tartan Shop', apparently they only do serious tartan and not comedy items!!!
  12. by   ayemmeff
    Lisa,you are hilarious! wish i'd been there! They do them in motorway services up there,I think.I've even seen musical ones.

    There's going to be a crowd of Americans walking around looking like Russ Abbott! You ,LR and Bella are starting a whole new trend!!
  13. by   BellaTerra2002
    I thought a Bunnet was a muffin! :roll :roll Not unless muffins come in tartan! Oh, this will be FUN! LOLOLOL What's a "Vegas-Chair" and "peeksures?" WHAT are we talking about?? :roll