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How many british nurses are out there using this board? Do you find it useful/helpful? How regularly do you contribute to a discussion group? Let me know I am curious. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   LoriAnnRN
    My father is British; can I be grandfathered in?
  2. by   karenG
    you can be grandfathered in!!! just as long as you drink proper tea!!!!!!

  3. by   tony summers
    It is excellent to see so many british nurse alive and well and participating.

    Lots of other boards seem to exclude british nursing.

    It would good if we could get our own thread here, that relates to british issues. However discussing with colleagues around the globe makes you realise how many common problems we all experience.

    Keep submitting to this thread.
  4. by   tony summers

    nice to here from someone so close, what practice do you work in?

    spent a lot of my youth in Dartford, wife comes from Dartford so know the area very well.
  5. by   ljb
    do you British nurses mind a question from a non-brit?

    I've considered the idea of living in England (London maybe? I know, expensive right?) one day as a nurse. anyone know how difficult/easy this is to do as an american nurse? Is the pay for nurses pretty good? (i'm single)

    [or should I be posting this somewhere else? I just thought that this might be a good place cause lots of you (british nurses) would be reading this!]
  6. by   JNJ

    If you go for the experience (and we're all in life for the experience, not necessarily to enjoy it, right?) then you might have a very experiential time in London - yes it's very expensive to live there, and nursing is not well paid in the UK, but some London hospitals offer some sort of, generally appalling, live in option which could get you started.

    You might want to consider going further north - more of a culture shock, but perhaps more interesting, in some ways, than London.

    The kudos and personal growth that follow after 'working abroad' seem to be with us for life. I continue to dine out on a spell in Iran in 1975!

    I believe that anyone should be welcome to post here - let's keep the site flexible, factual, and very friendly.
  7. by   tony summers
    London and surrounds are are very good place to gain experience. but the areas are very expensive and hospital accomodation tends to be dire to say the least. However going further north although may be a culture would probably afford you a more rewarding experience, as outside the capital and it closest regions nursing seems to be more dynamic and aimed at progressing the profesion rather that holding it back.
  8. by   Welsh_at_heart
    Hi I am a british nurse working in a large teaching hospital. I work on a Head and Neck surgical ward.

    I would love to see more discussions with other people from the UK.

  9. by   imenid37
    i am an american whose parents are both from the uk. they go back every 6 months or so as they are now retired. i love to see the postings from you british nurses. i wonder a lot about "what it's like over there." i 'd love to go do an exchange program in england someday. i have been to england fifteen times as a child and teenager, but i have not been there fo almost 20 years now. just think if my dad hadn't come to the usa to work, i might be one of you!
  10. by   alkaz1
    Would you mind if i post...coz I'm a Thai OPD-Rn working in Bangkok,
    I like this web much and login every week to see a useful news and to compared my opinion with other..but any-way this is my first time for "post reply" :-)
  11. by   hollyxuk
    I am a registered nurse from Co. Durham, working in elderly rehabiliataion, but due to change fields shortly. I think this website is excellent, funny and informative. I have never come across anything like this on any uk sites.
  12. by   Ammy
    Hi Tony, I live in Southampton, England. I find the site very interesting. I am having a break from nursing due to health problems, but hope to return soon. Reading the 'posts' especially yours is very interesting for me, the problems seem to be very similar to our problems in the NHS and private sector. I have not 'posted' yet.
  13. by   Welsh_at_heart
    Hi Ammy

    Where did you used to work? I work up at the General Hospital