Breach of Contract

  1. Hello everyone! this is my first time in the website but ive just got a big question to ask re: Breach of Contract! Im a UK nurse i recently applied for a job in one of the hospital in New Jersey, i have gone through all the interviews and successfully passed it with flying colors, the hospital offered me a job contract to signed for two years explaining from my salary to my responsibilities of keeping my contract of at least two years. Since im a foreign nurse i have to go through a lot of exams and immigration application and since ive got license in Texas, i have to arrange for my reciprocity as well ,the sad thing about this is that after i invested a lot of time and money for this job, they just call me two weeks ago that they no longer want me and that the reason for this is financial constraint, for me why would did they advertise anyway if they 're in trouble. For me i think they have breach our contract, what do you think?
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  3. by   Kyrshamarks
    Chances are if you look in the fine print they have an out up until the time you actually start working. The same applies to you. you could have cancelled at any time before starting the job. That is pretty standard on foriegn nursing contracts.
  4. by   GingerSue
    better to find out ahead of time, rather than have them hire you, then find out 3 months later, after arriving and starting, that they'll let you go (this kind of situation has happened to people I've met - move 2000 miles to take a job, only to be let go within several months of arriving)
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Don't think there is anything you can do. This happened to me nearly 2 years ago and I didn't get anything back for all the money I had spent. Found another hospital who are willing to petition me and they have also agreed to give me some $$ towards costs I have occured. Best check out the UK or International forum as there a lot of UK nurses going through the process and plenty of support and advice about.