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  1. I am planning a very big move - all the way across the United States - from California to Cape Cod, Mass. I am still a student - does anyone know anything about Cape Cod Community College and also did anyone ever move and switch schools? I am a little (ok a lot) afraid and could use some help. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   PathFinder
    MES -- not to worry. I began my undergrad work in Seattle and finished in Texas, started my masters in Dallas and finished in Indianapolis, finally, with a doctorate and 25 years in nursing, I live in Minneapolis -- nursing is the same everywhere in the USA and thanks to the credentialling bodies NLN and AACN, the schools of nursing all have to uphold the same high standards.

    I bet the school in Cape Cod has a web-site. I'd advise you to go there now, get acquainted with their nursing program. Meet a student or two. Take all that you've already learned and be prepared to "join in" when you get to your new school! You'll do fine (New Englanders are not as "aloof" toward the rest of us as they are steriotyped to be).
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    Hey MES!
    I've applied to Cape Cod CC as well, and while I can't speak from personal experience, I can tell you that I've heard nothing but great things about the program. I'm also moving down to the Cape (most likely Harwich) after I finish my BS up in here in Vermont ( less than a week!!!!!! yay!!). Have you been to the Cape before? What part are you thinking of moving to? I've vacationed there since I was a baby since my hometown is about an hour away. I love it there and can't wait to move! Good luck with your move, and stop worrying so much, it'll be fine I promise! Hehe
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    wow i totally didn't realize how old that post was- sorry my bad!!!
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    Quote from LittleWing21
    wow i totally didn't realize how old that post was- sorry my bad!!!
    Don't worry, it happens