Best Survival Tips for New Nurses

  1. hey everybody, i am giving a speech to an upcoming nursing class on the transition from student to new nurse. what are some of the best survival tips you can think of for the first year of nursing? thanks for your input!
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I would say to stand up for yourself from the very start. Do not accept dangerous assignments. Do not sit still for being screwed by employers or supervisors.
    Do not be pressured into working extra shifts on your day off, if you don't want to. Just say no.

    Always remember that the pt's needs come first.

    Seek out a nurse mentor. I worked w/ a knowledgable, friendly, experienced RN when I was a new grad LPN. She helped me a great deal. Remember that everyone feels overwhelmed, at times. Even the most experienced, competent organized nurses.

    Work hard, try your best. I am now working w/ a couple of new grad LPNs who tend to just sit at the nurse's station and chat. They are not given their own assignments, but are on the unit to learn and help. I've told them "If you don't have something to do, or don't know what to do, please ask someone if you can help them."
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