Best Minors for Nursing

  1. Which minors do you recommend the most for a nursing major?

    I'm thinking biology, sociology, social work, public administration, political science.. what else..?

    Do you have a minor and has it helped you?

    Any input is appreciated.
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  3. by   Pumpkin1621
    College is an opportunity to take classes you will enjoy. You could minor in leprechaun studies if you were interested in that sort of thing. I have taken a lot of classics and art history classes, because that is what I enjoy.

    Of all the minors I can think of, these are the ones that can directly relate to nursing:
    • Spanish
    • Psychology
    • Management/Business Admin
    • Philosophy (ie. Ethics, Logic, etc)
    • My school has a Gerontology Minor
    • American Sign Language
    • Chemistry/Physics/Biochem/Biology
    • Anthropology
    • Social Work
  4. by   Mission
    Computer science
  5. by   damdee
    I would suggest Biology and Spanish
  6. by   Flare
    I didn't have a minor as much as a focus in public health. A minor can be valuable especially if it's relevant to what you want to do. Perhaps you work in an area with a lop of people who speak a certain language - minor in that. Perhaps you want to work in research - then a science minor would be good.
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  8. by   caliotter3
    My minor was in health science. The classes directly related to the BSN classes I was taking, and my long term goal was a Masters in Public Health. I intended to use this background for teaching.
  9. by   kanzi monkey
    I have a BA in anthropology--now that I'm a nurse, I feel I'm finally getting to use my undergrad degree. Nursing is inherently interdisciplinary--I think almost anything you choose will be helpful, just as long as it's something that interests you.

    Having a second (or third!) language is also an excellent idea. I am very humbled when I see my classmates and other nurses using their language skills--I don't think anything can put a patient at greater emotional ease than having a nurse they can communicate with!
  10. by   abooker
    My background in English helped me. I can't yet do a dressing change without taping myself to the patient, but I'm told my charting and incident reports are awesome!
  11. by   elkton
    I'm a LPN 3 years in home health and LTC. I'm interested in occupational health and school nursing. A few questions for the more experienced nurses....For what I'm interested in , would you recommend EMT certification, if you know of any EMT program that you can purchase text and test out? Is there a better option that you know of? Thanks in advance. Elkton, Virginia
  12. by   caliotter3

    For occupational health and school nursing you should get a BSN. My BSN program had a clinical placement for school nursing and the public health nurse certificate that came with the degree is a good prerequisite for occupational health positions, most of which state that a BSN is required/preferred.
  13. by   elkton
    LPN's....what are some career decisions you've found most valuable, that you can share with a LPN 3 years, that has still not found her niche.
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