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I am a nursing student currently in my second year. I am scheduled to graduate in the spring of '07 with my ADN. Lately I have been down because I have been told by many that I will not find the... Read More

  1. by   Halinja
    NEVER let someone else tell you..."you can't..." Figure out what you want from life and go for it! One thing is guaranteed. If you do not try for your dreams, you will not reach them.

    That said, I agree with the above about relocating. There is a large nursing shortage where I am. They're letting new grads into almost any specialty. Of'd have to live in Central California, which is h.o.t.
  2. by   RN1263
    i'm a 3rd semester r.n. student and i can relate to you.....for me it's a matter of trying to "visualize" what type of nursing i'll be doing? if you can't visualize it, how can you become it? being able to visualize gives me motivation!!!

    the last 1-2 semesters are just grueling aren't they? the material is hard, stress is mounting, i'm all worn out, where am i going to work, what shift, ya-da, ya-da.....i've been feeling aweful lately.

    anyway, i like E.R. and i use to be an E.R. tech yrs. ago, but that still doesn't mean a nurse manager will hire me as a new grad. so, i decided to volunteer at an E.R. (i start this thurs.) & if all goes well, maybe they'll hire me when i'm done! if not, it'll look good on my resume'.
    sooooo, maybe you could volunteer on a labor/delivery floor? might get a job from it & if not, it'll be good on your resume too!!:blushkiss
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    SOOOO-----you feel beaten-down and berated.....should you....

    quit before you get started????

    Think again!

    Where's your MOXIE??!

    Honey, I heard the same stuff too, in school. "NEVER do they hire new grads in L/D.....never will I find an opening....too far between...who are YOU to think YOU will get a job in our OB department?????" (and on it went). I just silently blew em off and kept on plugging away at school.....

    And proved em all

    dead wrong.

    Graduated and had a job in L/D 3 mo before finishing school.


    Quit listening to naysayers and don't let the dirtbags get you down. ANYTHING can be yours, if you want it and work hard enough. Don't give up so easily! Don't listen to negative messages. Go for that brass ring and don't stop til you grab hold of it!

    Good luck!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    one more cliche for you:

    if you think you can.....or you cannot:

    you are absolutely right!
  5. by   GatorRN
    I truly think sometimes nursing instructors are trying to weed out the weak by the way they treat students. When I was in school, we had one particular clinical instructor that was really nasty and tried to intimidate all her students, and make them feel they couldn't handle the stresses of being a nurse. And you what? Some did quit, and others like myself, it only made stronger and more determined to prove her wrong. You can't question yourself when instructors treat you like that. Their job is to make strong, independent thinking, secure, knowledgable, confident nurses out of you.

    You'll find when you graduate that at least the first yr or two you'll feel like you know nothing. But each day you will learn something new and built your knowledge base and confidence level. We never stop learning as nurses.

    As far as going straight into L&D, ICU or ER, don't listen to those that try to discourage you. I wanted to go into ICU when I was in nursing school and that's exactly what I did after graduating, and I was told the same thing you're being told now. But even if you don't get hired to the unit of your dreams fresh out of school, take each day for what it is, a learning experience. You'll get to L&D in time if you're persistant, I have faith!

    Hang in there, keep your head up, be strong, and think positive. Good luck to you.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    also, consider----nursing itself is much tougher than anything they toss at you in school. The time is NOW to find your inner strength and assertion and forge forward.

    Good luck.