Before work mental pep! :)

  1. I had to go to this hospital orientation the other day "YAWN"...LOL. But actually it was quite fun! I learned something that I think will help many folks out there about how to pep yourself for work and keep on going with a smile!

    It is called the FISH method, and was made up by the guys at the Pike Place Market Fish store in Pike Street Market in Seattle. If you have never known about them...they are crazy guys that have a outdoor fish market and joke and have fun with customers going by...quite the tourist attraction now...they throw the fish over the counter and really put on a show!

    The four items in this is:
    1. You CHOOSE your attitude! Come in with a good attitude, and if you encounter a can immediately choose to have a good attitude as often as you like! This helps pts/family and staff!

    2. Be there! Not just physically but mentally for your pts, show them they are important enough for you to be there for them!

    3. Make their day! Do something special each day to make everyday special! This can be co-workers and pts!

    4. PLAY! Do something fun at work to keep yourself in a fun mood. Gauge it to fit in the healthcare setting...but do something to show some fun!

    Once I saw this video explaining all this, I thought "wow, that is what I do daily!!!!!!". I think after years of not having a good time, I came up with this theory myself...and it really works! (to bad I didn't put it to a patient! LOL!).

    So with that..lets share something we have done or will do for ONE of the above to improve our work day!!?!?!?!?!?

    Me, lets see...lets go with "Make their day". I will provide heated blankets or fans today to ensure my pts have a comfortable room to the temp they like! For staff...I will bring in some specialty coffee just for the staff!

    How about you?

    This works for students, or anyone that has a job! Think of either a customer or a fellow employee/student to help!
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  3. by   stillpinay
    I had been working in an ICU where you can surely expect lots of crises going on. And knowing that and saying to myself "I'll do the best I can, I won't try to be the superhero or God" both helped me get to work. Being in a good team also helped alot: you do for your co-workers if you can, and they do come in when you need it. And lastly, bringing in snacks (even as simple as a bag of chips or a box of Entenmann's) for the Unit and saying "thank you" (I know this sounds all too elementary) helps the Unit's morale and encourages "coffee breaks-on-the-run while you either go the fax or check labs on the computer!
  4. by   Tweety
    I'm not sure I'm about play, but I definately 100% agree with "choose your attitude".

    I also follow the philosphy of "each day a new beginning" meaning leave yesterday behind.

    I also follow the philosphy of "your day can start over at anytime". Many times I find a quiet moment in the bathroom to breath, regroup, say a quick prayer, and start my day over again. Gotta love those bathroom breaks! LOL
  5. by   Antikigirl
    An example for me of play is the word game I have played with fellow staff! A few times an order comes in that we can't read to save our lives, and so we try to say it phenetically (sp?). Then we use that word to express when we are feeling upset or frustrated. For example...once we swore that the MD put when I pressed the wrong button for a pixis removal I said "Oh Zoolic!"...and everyone laughed! That was contagious and started a fun daily game of "word of the day!". Another nurse called one of her more challenging pts 'zoolicitized"...LOL!!!!!!! We all tried to outdo eachother!

    That is a fun play you can do without causing any problems!

    We also have taped report and one time I got silly and started counting "uhhhhhhs"...and we gave out a prize for the one that said the most 'uhhhhhs'. It was funny and light hearted fun, and I won the next week..LOL!!!!! This is also a great game to try to keep your "uhhhhs" down so you don't seem unprofessional.
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