Baltimore Nurses

  1. I wonder how everyone did in the wake of the looting and burning in the city. Did everyone get to and from work safely? I know Johns Hopkins is in a pretty poor neighborhood -- is everyone on AN who works there safe? Were your ERs overrun with victims of the violence? Have things settled down?

    We've all talked about getting to work in snowstorms and hurricanes, but it never occurred to me to wonder how I'd get to and from work in a riot. How did you all manage?
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    I am off duty but we were warned last week about having alternate routes as one of the main highways comes into town near the police stn with protestors.

    Regrettably some of those routes for me are through danger zones, or use mass transit which is a problem during these issues. Light rail was down for a while.

    The senior center that burned to the ground was a few blocks from Johns Hopkins. They were on lockdown for a few hrs. Today, the National Guard was at the entrances.

    I am in a relatively safe area but have to go to the hospital campus tomorrow. That should be interesting.
  4. by   Jules A
    There hasn't been too much upheaval other than having to allow longer to get to work at my hospital although we have been on high alert. Most of the violence has been contained in relatively select areas and although it is horrific I do think the constant television coverage makes it seem worse than it is. It is very sad because Baltimore is such a wonderful city in so many ways but I am confident we will get through it. Thanks for asking.
  5. by   JenERally
    Having National Guard, state troopers, and local police officers surround my hospital makes me smile. I love being able to walk up to them and say thank you! Baltimore's picking itself up and brushing off the dust, and it feels good!
  6. by   caroladybelle
    Mission Barbecue was providing food for a lot of police/guardsmen/people helping in places around town.