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Please give me your opinion on this situation. My first clinical day at a L&D floor. My babe is a 9"11 oz. healthy boy. He was last fed at 10:30 a.m. At about 12:45 or so, he starts fussing,... Read More

    Originally posted by RN2B2005
    The funny thing is, babies don't read textbooks, and they definitely don't read hospital policies.
    LMAO! I love this!

    You did allright Lynn
  2. by   ptnurse
    You did the right thing. Who in the world would refuse to feed a hungry baby anyway?????
  3. by   BMS4
    Kristi, :chuckle

    Lynn, big {{{Hugs}}}. Your next clinical day will be better.
  4. by   mark_LD_RN
    lynn-- hang in there you will be fine. nurse was out of line ,no need to treat students or other nurses that way.

    as far as the feeding goes, 90 cc is a little much,timing is not a real issue. babies do not know what the policy is,and to me it sounds flawed anyway. but i am sure we will have some different opinions on that. its an LGA baby and may need to eat more often even though i would limit it to 60 cc or so.

    babies can be over feed ,just like us adults who tend to gorge or selves at times.

    good luck in the future.
  5. by   MiddleT
    I am a L&D nurse and Lactation Educator. You did right by feeding him (maybe not quite so much). But next time you take him out he will not be so frantic that he would have a hard time latching on. OR depending on policy, take him back to MOM. You hang in there. You will find in many cases there is no right or wrong!!!