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  1. The article about asthmatics and flu shots states that the flu causes exacerbation in a very high percentage of asthmatics. It certainly does in me. Personally I think my asthma started in 1971 when the Hong Kong flu almost killed me. I must say that even though the medical establishment does not accept this I feel that I get a mild exacerbation of asthma symptoms from the flu shot. It is no use telling my lung specialist this because he does not want to hear it. I continue to get my flu shot every year because the exacerbation from the flu is much worse than the problem I experience from the vacine. On several occasions I had to go on oral steriods after the vacine. There did not seem to be anything else I could relate problems to at the time except the vacine. The problem seems to start about 10 days to 2 weeks which is interesting enough about the same time the antibodies start to appear. Just wondering if anyone else ever observed this in themselves or their patients.
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  3. by   Mariah
    Both my asthmatic kids get flu shots. Although their asthma is very mild and seems to be activated only by colds. I've seen no response after the shots. I have, however, noticed that the number of respiratory illness in the winter were less after getting flu shots. I have also heard this from other mothers. But it is just an observation and it the relationship between resp infections and shots may be just a coincidence or wishful thinking. I have nothing scientific to back that up.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Pediatrician recomended to me that Tylenol 1 dose should be given about 30 min before kids immunizaions as a way of decreasing febrile reactions.....asked her if it was ok to do with flu shot too aas i had similar exacerbation of mild astma of flu vaccine. Since i started doing this 3 years ago, no joint aches 24 hrs after shot and didn't get flu last year. Still get the viral infections kids bring home from school. LOL.
  5. by   P_RN
    Is anyone else having difficulty finding a place that has the flu shots? I have called my doctor and the health department. They both have said they do not have it yet. The health dept. said they might have it by Nov. 1 and will be taking appointments for high risk then.

    I also have asthma, usually only following a URI or flu, and certainly put MYSELF as a high risk patient. Plus I have a few years on me too