asking for some prayers

  1. for those of you who saw my previous post, or who still comment on my posts here from the NS days when I posted here religously every week.....I need some prayers.
    I wound up in the ER tuesday with the most severe pain I have EVER had....15 on the 10 scale. I don't have the lady parts, but I thought I was having a small kitten. After a liter of .9, a CT and ultrasound of my stomach, found out that I developed gallstones. not a emergent situation, made a appointment with a surgeon for yesterday...the ER did not tell me any kind of details, even after I asked....another story coming about the ER visit.
    so I went to the surgeon, he threw my ultrasound pics up and BAM! 3-4 gallstones between 1cm and 1.5cm in the gallbladder. so I am scheduled to have a lap chole thursday. I'll be off 2-3 weeks from work, and plan to take it easy for diet and activity....clear to thick low fat, (soup, jello, to puddings, thicker soup, plain pasta, dry toast) to easy low fat small meals,....going to keep a food diary to id my triggers....
    I've NEVER had any kind of surgery before, so I'm understandably nervous.....but it seems minor. I also plan on doing a gallbladder supplement after the sx to help my bile...shot of apple cider vinager followed by water, and a tablespoon of metamucil to bind loose bile post sx as well....anyone else have the surgery? I'd be interested to hear stories of how it went after sx....
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  3. by   proudnurseRN
    I had it 6 weeks after my son was born. I know what you mean about the pain, when they asked me to compare it to labor I said it was worse..."at least the contractions went away and come back"

    Everything went smoothly. I did have adverse reactions to morphine, but it wasn't too bad. They left a JP drain in, but I went to school and made it.

    The worse part was a week post-op...BAM, same pain, put more intense. I laid on my bed crying and telling my husband I was dying and couldn't survive the drive to the ER... lol, he called an ambulance because he was scared that I had just had surgery and had never seen me like that. Well, go to find out there was still a stone in my bile duct and I needed an ERCP.

    Since then, all is well. I can't drive by a McDonalds without having to use the bathroom, but that's about all I notice.
  4. by   Sandcastles
    Hi there
    I had this surgery done 5 yrs ago when I thought I was having a heart attack.It was so painful I went to the emergency rm and found out I had gall stones.They operated a few hrs later.I have had no ill effect and my recovery was really quick just a few bandaids.The only effects I have from it today are if I eat out it runs thru me sometimes if its high in fat.Other than that no issues.You will be fine and it really is no big deal.I will pray for your nerves and a speedy recovery.PLease do not worry.It will all be ok.If you have any specific questions please feel free to message me.Best of luck for a speedy recovery!
  5. by   MagsMom
    I haven't had this surgery but I have had a few abdominal surgeries. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for a successful and speedy recovery.
  6. by   LaneyB
    My husband had the surgery over the summer. It went well. He was back to work within a week or so. He has not had any problems with eating (they told him he might have trouble with high fat foods).

    Good luck!
  7. by   kfarinato
    I had a lap chole in 2005. Every once in awhile I get what I call "phantom" gallbaldder pains. I did not have stones, just a necrotic non functioning GB that took almost 2 years to be diagnosed. I went camping the day I was discharged and like PP have stated the only problem I had post-op and occasionally now is food running through if it is too high in fat. Good luck!