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My son has had some right hip pain for the past year or so, unable to squat too well, etc. Finally decided to have the docs take a look. Did xrays and the doc was stunned. Told him he had the hip of... Read More

  1. by   DDRN4me
    (((Jnette)))... there could be a few causes for Adam's hip issues. My 24 y.o. had a THR this summer... due to congenital actabular protrusio (kind of the opposite of a dysplasia) hers showed up at 15 when she was c/o flank pain..did a KUB xray which showed t he hip deformity. she has had several attempts to fix it but none were successful. before the thr. MDs did not have an actual reason or cause for the deformity, but suggested that the arthritis and cartilage wear was due to the deformity. I would suggest that Adam see a hip specialist as soon as he gets home (we have some great ones here in Boston) or you could try to find one around his Base. I do know that the gps and ortho guys here in the burbs wouldnt touch her at such a young age ... our ortho guy looked at me and said ...sooo you still like boston???? :stone
    there are many new techniques and treatments now; so it does not mean it will affect his career in any way... she still wants t o be a cop!! PM me any time so we can "chat" ... I understand how worried you are .... (by the way prem membership lapsed but i will reinstate..need dh's ppal) Mary
  2. by   nrsang97
    I fell on my knee in Nov. '05 and had terrible pain afterwards. I didn't go to the doc immediately after because I knew it would would be sore and bruise. About 4 weeks later I felt no better and the pain was actualy worse. The doc sent me for xrays and no fracture and told me I probably sprained it and to take mortin. I did that for another month and nothing helped. Went back to doc at end of Jan, and told probably sprained the knee with fall (fell directly on side of knee), and was sent to PT. After 2 weeks pain was worse. Went back and was put off work and told now thinking torn meniscus. About a month later I went to Ortho and had a MRI and they found a suprise Avascular Necrosis. I had a bone scan and showed medial arthritis and posterial lateral arthritis. Ct also showed AVN to posterial lateral condyle of the distal right femur. I was sent to Oncology/Hemotology to try to rule out any blood clotting disorders. I didn't have any. We still weren't sure why I would have AVN so I was sent to genetics to be tested for Gaucher disease. I am having the blood drawn today. I will find out in about 10 days. My doc also noted that my femurs had the "classic erelynmyer flask shape". Also thought could have no cause at all and happened from the fall and is trauma realted.

    I didn't mention that I was 26 when I injured my knee. I don't know if the docs will ever be able to tell your son why he has the OA/bone spurs. Some people are moresusceptiable to it than others. I do help that therapy helps him. It did help me strengthen my knee. I have always had pain in my joints since childhood. I was tested for the rheumatoid factor and SLE. Both negative. The one thing at work that bothers me now is squatting down to empty foleys. I do find that motrin and Ice help me quite a bit. Good luck to him.