Are you satisfied with your current employment situation as a nurse?

  1. No, in fact I am between jobs now...the place I was working at was too much...was working 7p-7a...they would dump on you, give horrible assignments, like 5 confused and restrained patiens, float you anywhere, no help, doctors would yell at you whenever you called them (only one dr. that didn't yell at me or swear at me)
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  3. by   BusinessNurseLinda
    I WAS frustrated in Nursing for MANY years. Seemed the more I gave, the more they expected... all for $50,000 yearly which I never seemed to be able to rise above. I now have a home based business, and love it. I *DO* admire the nurses that give day after day, but I had nothing in me left to give. As a nurse I was never able to travel, something I LOVE, and now I travel every few months... Linda/FCLS, BS, RN
  4. by   Margy
    Sorry guys but as there is no 'money' to be made in health care we will never be staffed in a way which facillitates safe, holistic care.
    Ive tried for years to maintain my advocacy for patient care and standards against appalling ignorance from management and now am getting out of nursing.. life's too short.
  5. by   askater
    It took me 3 different jobs to find a unit and hospital I like. The staffings good on the unit. And my supervisor is very supportive. I have seen declining changes slowly occuring in the past year or less though. But I still like my unit. It just took me time to find it.

    I've been working on units where the nursing ratio SCARED me. I was scared for the patients and my licences. I was sooo close to quiting. Fortunately the last job I went for worked out well. Because I wouldn't be in nursing now.
  6. by   LAS
    Are there days in which my job is too
    much, yes. But I have made a
    commitment and I feel that in my
    current position is where I need to
    fulfill it. Part of nursing is
    advocacy to bring about change.