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Last night I was at work and had to turn a patient who had a million dressings and I knew they needed to be changed. So I told the lpn who was supposed to be takin gcare of that patient and she got a... Read More

  1. by   BLCaldwell
    Sad to say there are people in our profession that only went into it for the $$$$$. There are the "Don Quixote" nurses.... they tilt at every windmill on the horizon. Then there are the ones that are not part of the problem, but because of their apathy are not part of the solution. It's tiring trying to re-invent the wheel.

    We need to pick our battles. We need to work together as peers and professionals.
  2. by   lisamcrn
    Flo...I want to point out that when I first read your post I was shocked and upset at the situations you and your pts. were in because this so called nurse was such as poor example. I certainly don't want to offend you, but remind you that the reprimand may come to you in the end regardless of who it should be toward. Nursing needs people like you! And if this nurse's employers won't deal with the situation something or someone eventually will...just most likely at a someone's expense.

    I've been around similar situations and it's so sad. I hope things improve.