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Is any one out there afraid of their HN? their supervisors? or the DON? And if you are,why? I mean,if a nurse is doing the job according to the employers standards,the P and P,why be afraid?... Read More

    I'm not physically afraid of my supervisor. There was a time when I allowed her to intimidate me, but I'm past that now. I know her games, and how she tries to push my (and my coworkers) buttons. I simply don't allow it anymore. When she starts her crap, I stand firm.

  2. by   CATHYW
    I am not now, but I was afraid of my last HN in the ER. The woman was a really good nurse, but was a vicious gossip. She paired herself with one young male and one young female nurse (she had no children) that everyone knew were her pets.
    I was senior to the young male, and applied for a 7a-7p shift to get off 11a-11p. I was promised the job by her, "but it wouldn't be final for a acouple more weeks." I went on vacation in the meantime, came back, and found out from the patient care tech that the young man got the position. When I confronted her about it, she said that he was "better suited to the postion, but that I would get the next day shift." I did, but I watched her like a hawk, because I knew what she was made of. I documented everything, and became even more cynical, and even a little paranoid. I was divorced, and one day she came in while I was changing sheets on a stretcher and asked me what I did on my time off-that she and some of the others were wondering. I told her that I stayed home a lot, went to church, and answered fire/medical calls. She then asked me if I didn't do anything "for fun." I told her I did, thnaked her for her interest, and walked away. When my husband and I married, we kept it a secret for several months. When I sent announcements, I posted one on my locker in the break room. Later on, this HN told me that the other nurses wanted to have a party for me, but she told them not to, because I hadn't told them I was married. Grrrrrrr! She would do anything to get what she wanted, I am sure!
  3. by   biscuit_007
    I am no longer afraid of any of my "superiors" at work. There was a time that i was but those days are long past. I also was once intimidated by several doctors on staff. I have even had a doctor once tell me he was going to kick my a$$ in the parking lot. Well' picture this, I am 5'10" and about 225 lbs. He was 5'2" and about 140 lbs. I invited him into the parking lot so he could adjust my attitude and he backed down right away. I will not allow myself to be threatned in any way at work. I would leave a job i love before i would allow anyone to have that type of power over me.
    Now this does not include my Wife! She is 4'11" 105 lbs and scares the hell out of me! LOL I always say yes mam to her.