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Are all facilities inconsiderate to their staff, totally unresponsive to their needs, violate their rights as union members and generally treat them as non-humans. Or are their hospitals that... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    Our hospital is very respectful of their staff in my opinion, but then again pays 3-4 bucks less an hour than the going rate around here. I love where I work, usually no staffing issues except in true emergencies, but still when I go home I question whether being paid less is OK.

    But then again I would rather go with the lower pay and be respected and have reasonable staffing levels.
  2. by   nimbex
    huggietoes, WOW!!!!...Wow, a bit speechless here. I am SO angry for you to be faced with such a mess, so soon in your career.

    Have to admit I'm a "stick it out and be part of the solution" person... BUT when I read your post I couldn't think of A SINGLE reason to try to solve things... when the patients are avoiding the hospital...geeeze!!

    Is there anywhere else in your area you can apply?

  3. by   sjoe
    Cheerfuldoer: that was exactly my point. B*tching won't get things changed, nor will gossip, self-flaggelation, etc. ...AS MUCH AS YOU WILL TAKE means exactly that. Refusing to TAKE the crap. And Lela: one of the reasons for their being "tons of vacant positions" is the simple fact that the openings were largely created by abusing former nurses--who then left. The same supervisors, admin and policies remain, as they wait for the next nurse applicant to abuse. Canoehead: you said it all. Some facilities are "forced" to treat their staff respectfully but take it out on them by not paying the going rate, which is simply another form of disrespect.
  4. by   nimbex
    forgot to say, in answer to your question are they all like this....