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I am a nursing student graduating next month. I wore "fake nails" before nursing school, but my program did not allow them during school. I am considering getting them again after graduation. ... Read More

  1. by   anon&me
    My real nails were forever cracking and tearing and leaving bleeding areas, and they scratched my babies when I could not afford to keep them on maternity leave. My acrylics are smooth and sturdy and only come off when they get crushed with the rest of my finger in the equipment at work. I can use my chain saw at home with more safety because it is better maintained that the ambulance bay doors. As for fungus, my toes suffer and they are kept purely natural.
  2. by   Streamlined
    Just so you know, Cletus, I'm female and still I don't get the nail thing. Almost 50 years old and never had a manicure in my life. I had no idea there were so many weak-nailed ladies out there, splittin' and crackin' and bleedin'. Sometimes I'll look admiringly at a nice conservative French manicure, but that's as far as I go.
  3. by   suzielee
    Why do you want to wear something that risks the lives of you and your patients? To look good? Do you really want to bring home all that bacteria? Whats wrong with you?
  4. by   jeanrnurse
    Since the The CDC published recommendations last Oct. that nurses NOT have artificial nails if involved in pt. care, & this was based on extensive research, many hospitals are in the process of outlawing them.
    The original research was bsed on NICU infants <1000Gms., but apparently it was followed up with additional research on adults.
    Personally, I believe handwashing is the REAL issue, esp. if acrylic nails are well taken care of, and if you scrub under the nails.
  5. by   jayna
    What this fake nails about.. do people don't like thier real nails..sorry
  6. by   tazzyjo
    I think acrylic nails are just fine, IF the nails are properly maintained, and a fungicide is used when getting fills done. I don't agree with having them super long, but neatly manicured and cleaned thoroughly there is less chance of passing along infections...this goes back to the very basics of hand washing. Many people with fake nails don't scrub their nails with a nail brush underneath and this would go a long way in getting rid of any nasty bugs. I had them for many years prior to nursing and never once had a fungus as I had a very good nail technician who cleaned everything and took the extra steps to stop fungus before it had a chance to take hold.
  7. by   Scavenger'sWife
    OK OK OK......I am growing mine off. I have cut them down shorter and it will take a couple months, but I have decided to go cold turkey~
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by Streamlined
    What is it with nails, anyway? Why do gals need to adorn their nails, sometimes so grotesquely it besmirches their characters? Yes, it's fun to color-up yourself, but do those nails really need to be two inches long and have little diamonds imbedded in them? And what does it say about you that you would spend your money and your time having layers of petro-chemicals applied to your fingertips as you inhale the fumes ? Somebody, please, explain the nail thing to me.
    I AM FEMALE and could not agree w/this post MORE. I always wonder the same things.
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    Fake nails are NOT ok for nurses to wear. Or anyone who has direct pt contact. My facility recently adopted the no artificial nails policy as recommended by the CDC. I took mine off back in February. At first a lot of the nurses in my unit were resistant but most of them have removed their nails.
  10. by   mfdteacher
    Unless you have some sort of medical condition, why do you need "fake" anything. Aren't you ok with what you already have? Who are you trying to please, or look like, or keep up with.
  11. by   Christian Nurse
    It's against most if not all hosptials policies. However, I've seen several nurses at the hospital with them on.
  12. by   LaVorneRN
    Originally posted by mfdteacher
    Unless you have some sort of medical condition, why do you need "fake" anything. Aren't you ok with what you already have? Who are you trying to please, or look like, or keep up with.
    I have overlay on my real nails (and have for many years) because #1 my nails have always been like paper and scratch everyone I touch(and no I have no medical condition) and #2 because I like the way they look-much neater. I, like many others who get their nails done, am not trying to please anyone, keep up with anyone, or look like anyone. The above comment is a pass of judgement. It is a matter of taste and preference. No different from one choosing to color their hair or wear makeup.

    I realize the issue is infection hence the issue is nails not hair. But that is the answer to the question of why some get "fake" nails. Mind you they are not all fake. Like I said, my nails are real, cut very low with silk overlay. I agree with those who have said if you maintain your nails with regular fills and good handwashing there shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately both those with and without proper upkeep and handwashing are responsible for nosocomial infections of all kinds.
  13. by   NICU-RNHeather
    I work in the NICU. I could not imagine wearing "fake nails", even long "real" ones. I can bearly move around in the isolettes with stumpy nails. INFECTION would be my my top priority for the unanimous decision that is taking place in many healthcare institutions nationwide. I is very hard to give up the cosmetic appearance of beautifu nails, but in my field of nursing...glamour lacks anyway. There are always trade-offs in anything we do. I love those babies, so therefore my hands look like...well not glamourous