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Noticed that most of the nurses responding to the thread about child abductions state that they never let thier kids play outside alone, etc..... I know that my poor kids hear from me all the... Read More

  1. by   JailRN
    Of course we're more protective. We're the ones who see a headache which turns out to be a brain tumor, a fall off a skateboard and the kid ends up dead., etc. It's only natural. When I did AIDS nursing, one of my patients told my then 9 year old, 'Ya know, I knew all about safe sex, but I looked at somebody and thought 'oh they look so clean" Turns out one of them wasn't and now I've got AIDS and I'm gonna die. Ya know there's no piece of a$$ worth dying for" I was speechless, but now at 19 , the kid remembers that. Jason died about 6 months later.

    I teach them to wash their hands, not ride without helmets, not drive without seatbelts, not to use drugs, not to drink and drive. not to have sex without condoms,etc. I know they hear me. What they do when my back is turned, who knows?? They are learning that every action has a reaction, and a consequence. So. far, when I get reports from the local PD, they are obeying the speed limit, wearing seat belts and don't have the CD blasting. (and my PD knows my kids and the older one's car, and they DO watch them and report back)

    I guess it's the nature of hte beast.
  2. by   psychomachia
    OVERprotective? No. I think the rest of the world is UNDERprotective.
  3. by   bagladyrn
    I always felt all these worries with my son, but spent a lot of time biting my tongue and allowing him to take some risks. Some things, i.e. talking to strangers when he was little, seatbelts, no drinking were were nonnegotiable, but on the other hand I allowed things like skiing, rock climbing and rapelling, and going off camping in the backcountry as a teen.
    As a result, he seemed more inclined to take safety precautions himself, and let me know what he was doing when he did these things.