Appreciates everything; what a ride

  1. Two months ago I happened to stumble across while searching for a nursing job with my fresh CNA license.
    Let me tell you that I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time about nursing that I couldn't think of touching before I found this board.
    Reading your posts, and considering common concerns discussed amongst yall has given me keen insight.
    Mario must confess, however, that he really needs to learn more humility. How can he contribute to a thread, here at General Nursing Discussion when he is not a nurse yet? Admittedly, his opinions are mere hearsay. Imagine that A guy who comments on issues and he is not even a nurse....what nerve!
    Recognizing this, I want to say thank you for letting me interject my comments, and I loved every minute of it.
    Let me go to my place now, the Student Nursing Forum and live there, until I get pinned with my RN two years from now. Then I will have earned the title to add my two cents to issues yall work with all ready. Until then, I want to observe here, and I will.
    A student nurse can talk about student issues, but not grow an RN title out of the air and start adding comments here.
    I loved every minute of it:kiss Like terminator said, I'll be back:kiss
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  3. by   lever5
    I did not see who must have walked all over you, but you were fun. Your enthusiasim is refreshing. I enjoyed reading your posts.
    Just because you don't have the RN doesn't mean your opinion isn't valued here. I agree with lever, your enthusiasm IS refreshing, and it shouldn't be limited to the student forums. I know your posts will be fun ones, and if I seem to pick them apart, it's only because they interest me.

    As I tell my hubby when I'm b**ching about one thing or another, "it's only because I care"

    Now I'm going to bed because I'm ill, but when I wake up, I want new posts to respond to...

  5. by   Paprikat
    Hi, Mario. I have to say, I enjoy reading your posts and feel that you have something to offer. Just because you are a CNA, I still feel that you are in the field of nursing and should be able to post your opinions in any category. That said, I still hope to see all your different pictures! I will come visit you in student nursing!
  6. by   thisnurse
    i say we change the name of the forum to all nurses and mario cna
  7. by   pebbles
    Mario, I like your posts - I think your opinions count too, and its nice to hear from someone who looks at this profession with fresh eyes.
    You're not just a student, you are a beginner level nurse.
    I hope you keep posting.
  8. by   4XNURSE

    Why should you have to go anywhere? I think you should be free to participate where you choose. After all as YOU stated, allnurses - That's ALL nurses. Aren't you a student NURSE? The first part of your title may be different than mine, but the last half is the same.

    Licensed Vocational
    Licensed Practical

    All first names.


    Last name.

    Keep up the good work. Keep us on our best behavior. Remind us of what it's like to be at the beginning of the learning curve.

    I look forward, as several others have mentioned, to hearing more from you.

    Thanks for your input!

  9. by   P_RN
    Say it ain't so

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooo ooo!
  10. by   Agnus
    I don't know what has happened here. You are valued and welcome. These issues effect us all. I've enjoyed you posts. Please stay.
  11. by   semstr
    hey Mario, what's up? Tell us.
    hey even moi, no boardexams in the US etc. can state my opinions here, so why not you too?
    Don't understand what happened?

    Take care, Renee
  12. by   Mary Dover
    No way dude! I am still pretty new here myself. I must admit - I try to guage people's personalities by their posts, and have admittedly had some difficulty trying to figure yours out. But I have finally come to some conclusions, and though I may be way off, not knowing you personally, your posts tell me that you are ONE inquisitive person, which is a great quality to possess- especially in the healthcare profession. I also sense that you are way more into technical aspects than just the "touchy-feely" stuff, but have attributed that to the fact you are MALE. I hope you stay. You help keep me on my toes. By the way - did anyone ever tell you that you look like a young Norm McDonald?
  13. by   aimeee
    Mario, you have contributed a great deal in the short time you have been here. It disturbs me that you will no longer accept pm's or emails from allnurses and state you won't be posting here anymore. As other folks have stated above, you have a freshness and an enthusiasm, a genuineness that is unique and valuable. You have offered your differences in a kind and respectful way.

    I don't know what was said to you, but remember that whatever it was is just that person's opinion. I'm betting that person has issues of their own driving their criticism of you. Within every group you will find individuals who build themselves up by pushing others down and stepping on them. You will find this as you go through training too. Some nurses will be mentors to you. Others, sadly, as the saying goes, "eat their young".

    Take that which is good and let it build you up. Take that which is constructive and respectful and learn from it. Take that which is hurtful and destructive, and let it roll as water off a duck's back.

    You have a right to be here, Mario. Don't let them drive you away, Mario! Let Mario be Mario.
  14. by   mario_ragucci
    But it's true. For all my hot CO2, I don't have the actual time in to back up my assertions. Thats point blank. I don't want it to seem like I have been scolded or shot down; I haven't.

    I just need to stick to the "farms" for awhile before thinking about steping up to the plate in the major leagues, if you know what I mean. You gotta know how to hit a hard ball a certain way. Mario still hasta work on hitting sliders, curves and spit balls, among various other wild pitches. And if you get hit with a pitch, a non-big-league-player is gonna get frightened.

    Okay, so it's not my "swan song." And I accept PM's and am back in the dugout. But I really don't have the uniform yet, and I haven't developed the skill to "charge the plate" or "hit the really fast pitches." :-)