applying for jobs as a CNA when not certified yet?

  1. Hi! I worked for a year as a caregiver in a residential long term setting with adults with disabilities. I am now looking to get hired at local hospitals.

    I know to get hired at most hospitals (in this area, anyway) you need to be certifed as a CNA. I am taking a certification class that lasts two weeks, starting in late may.

    Is there a way I can apply for jobs at hospitals requiring the certification now? Is there a way to explain that "I will be getting my certificate by mid june?" With online forms it is really hard to do so...should I just wait? I am just trying to speed the process up as much as I can because I'd like a job ASAP!!!

    Thanks for any info u can give me
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  3. by   owenlevi2
    I think You should be on the safe side and just wait until June... I so imagine that by law they are not allowed to hire you unless you hold the certification.. I am also going to do the test in about two weeks and the place that I am looking to hire me won't until I hold that certification.. There will always be a demand for this job.. so I think you'll be alright
  4. by   Cortcheer
    I have worked at two different (nice) hospitals.. One was okay with the fact I wasn't certified as long as I got it within 6 months, the other hired and paid me as a cna but didn't require me to be certified! I was in training and anxious bc I had taken the class but not the state test at that time.. I was talking to the other girls in orientation- only 2 out of 16 were actually cna certified, even though we were being hired as cna's! I've found nursing homes are MUCH more strict on being certified before even applying.. So you should definitely go ahead and apply and just explain your situation.
  5. by   caliotter3
    In my state, one can work as a nursing assistant for four months before the certification is required. However, only long term care facilities hire people in these circumstances. Hospitals won't hire someone who is not certified, unless the position does not require certification. I would wait for the certification before applying for a job at a hospital. When you meet the minimum requirements, someone at the HR department can't just turn you away.
  6. by   GaMBA
    I applied for hospital CNA jobs here in GA for about a year before I got certified, to no avail. Once I got certified, I had an offer within a month. The hospital I work at has a program in their nursing home unit where you can work while getting certified to be a CNA. I think it's a 17-wk program and you get paid while going thru it. I believe you can also work as a tech at my hospital if you have at least one semester of nursing school completed.
  7. by   SoulFood
    Where I'm at it is required to be a CNA to work in LTC, and it is often required to be acute care certified as well (CNA II) to work in a hospital. In LTC, I believe that you can be hired on an uncertified basis, as long as you have completed a state and BON approved nurse assistant program (175 hours) and will be sitting the exam within 60 days. Continued employment is contingent upon passing the boards and your name and certification number being put on the state registry. If you have any questions, I would speak to the DON at the particuler facility you are interested in working at or contact your state BON.
  8. by   Cecilia85
    can u get a job as a cna in a hospital
  9. by   Cecilia85
    how do u get acute care certifiedin ca?
  10. by   SoulFood
    Quote from Cecilia85
    how do u get acute care certifiedin ca?
    Contact the California State Board of Nursing. Not all states have CNA II designation or acute care certification. I'm in Oregon and it is a requirement.